How old is Chris Eubank Sr and what is the boxing legend's net worth?

How old is Chris Eubank Sr and what is the boxing legend's net worth?

February 18, 2021

CHRIS EUBANK SR is one of the most polarising British fighters to grace the boxing ring and still keeps himself in and around the sport today.

He still cheers on his son Chris Eubank Jr whenever the super-middleweight finds himself in action, and he regularly takes part in interviews .

Eubank Sr was a world champion for five years and was one of the most recognisable fighters of the 1990s, with his eccentric personality and talent in the ring proving a watchable combination.

How old is Chris Eubank Sr?

WITH his heyday in the early-90s, Eubank Sr dominated the super-middleweight division that his son is now trying to corner.

Born in 1966, he is now 54 years old but likes to keep himself in top condition.

In 2015, Eubank adopted the nickname of his deceased father, "English", to preserve his memory and publicly differentiate himself from Chris Jr.

What is Chris Eubank Sr's net worth?

Eubank has a net worth of £360,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The boxing icon made millions throughout his career as a fighter but his eccentric way of living soon caught up with hom.

In November 2009, Eubank was declared bankrupt and owed around £1.3m in taxes alone.

How many of his sons are boxers?

OF COURSE we know all about Chris Jr, who has a professional record of 26-1.

But Wilson – who needed a paternity test to prove Eubank was his father – is also a boxer and undefeated in five pro fights.

His last fight was back in October, but he suffered the first loss of his career – a devastating first round knockout defeat by Jonny Phillips.

Wilson's record now stands at 4-1-1.

There's also Harlem Eubank, who fights under the MTK banner and is trained by Adam Booth. Harlem is 11-0.

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