Glen Durrant has darts fans in stitches with quip about 15-year-old’s adult look

Glen Durrant has darts fans in stitches with quip about 15-year-old’s adult look

April 7, 2022

Darts star Glen Durrant has left fans in stitches with his comments about 15-year-old sensation Luke Littler.

Littler caused quite the stir on social media after making his professional debut at the WDF World Championships with a win against Ben Hazel. The 15-year-old, who is ranked no.1 in the WDF Boys Rankings, averaged just over 91 on his way to victory at the oche.

The Englishman earned a whole host of new admirers on his way to glory, and one PDC star had darts fans in stitches with his comments. Durrant said: "He's even got facial hair, I didn't have that until I was 42!"

Durrant is the only one surprised at littler's age, one fan added: "At 15 years old, Luke Littler is a magnificent prospect in the world of darts. I just need to find out where he did his paper round."

"I'm not having this at all. Birth certificate needed," another added.

While a third tweeted: "Yeah there’s been a mix-up. No f****** way in hell is he 15. No chance on this earth."

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Littler's fairytale run came to an end in the quarter-finals on Wednesday evening.

A rampant Richard Veenstra set a new tournament record when he averaged 104.91 on his way to a 3-0 victory. Littler, on the other hand, managed to improve on his average to just over 95.

Littler had said after his memorable debut victory: "At my age, I’ve just got to enjoy everything at the minute until I can try and go pro, but I have got everyone behind me, and I love them so much."

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