‘Give us a chance’: CA high school football player slams Gov. Newsom for restrictions on sports

‘Give us a chance’: CA high school football player slams Gov. Newsom for restrictions on sports

February 5, 2021

California football player goes viral with message to Gavin Newsom

California high school football player calls out Governor Newsom for his ‘wasted’ final year of school amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

A California high school football player called on Governor Gavin Newsom Friday to “give [students] a chance to play,” saying that he was “frustrated” at the state’s COVID restrictions on high-impact sports.

During an interview with Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends”, Isaiah Navarro called out the double standard in allowing private schools to play, while restrictions continue to hinder public school students from acquiring scholarships and scoring a spot on college teams.

Navarro noted that for many students, college football is the only way for them to help their parents with the financial burden of tuition.

“This is our only chance to help our family,” Navarro said, adding that “we want to support our family and relatives.”

Navarro also explained that to his knowledge 45 out of the 50 states in the U.S. have already resumed high-impact sports like football, “without any problem,” and that students in the state have “no control” over the ability to play this season.

The high-school football player went viral on Twitter after voicing his frustrations with Newsom’s COVID-19 lockdowns that may have cost some their spot on a college football team.

“Zero offers, zero looks, zero commitments, zero time on campus, zero homecoming, zero prom, zero traditional graduation. What a wasted final year of school,” tweeted Isaiah Navarro, who attends Paraclete High School in Lancaster, Calif., according to his bio.

“Worked hard and dedicated for absolutely ZERO. Big shout out to @GavinNewsom!  You got what you wanted,” he continued.


Last week, Newsom gave the green light to sports in the most restrictive purple tier of his regionally-based colored system representing Covid-19 transmission. The purple tier represents most of California. Sports including cross country, golf, tennis, track and field, and swimming and diving can now resume.

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