Giants focus on themselves as they look to turn season around

Giants focus on themselves as they look to turn season around

May 17, 2019

Giants goalkeeper Sam Poolman says she and her teammates are following coach Julie Fitzgerald’s edict to focus on themselves ahead of Sunday’s match against the winless Queensland Firebirds in Brisbane.

The Giants finally recorded their first victory of the season in last weekend’s hard-fought clash with Collingwood. Poolman, who was outstanding in defence, said it was crucial they followed up the positive work they produced against the Magpies.

Finally on the board: Caitlin Bassett at full stretch as the Giants beat the Magpies for their first win of the season.Credit:AAP

“Julie [Fitzgerald] has spoken about just concentrating on us,” Poolman said. “When we do that we’re really good … when we go away from that we [pay] for it during a game.

“Every game in this league is important because there is no easy team any more. There’s no guaranteed points, so we need to build on last week because we put out some very good stuff.”

The Firebirds have had a topsy-turvy start to their season. They have suffered heavy defeats at the hands of the Sunshine Coast Lightning and Melbourne Vixens, but managed a draw with the Magpies. However, Poolman said, based on history, the Giants were braced for a tough battle.

“When you play against the Firebirds you know it’s a 60-minute game – you certainly won’t blow them out of the park in 15 minutes," she said. "We have to do the work. They’ve shown in previous years they’re quite capable of putting pressure on that scoreboard. I have no doubt they’ll get it together this weekend and will be firing.”

One of the highlights of last Sunday’s triumph was the combination of star recruit Caitlin Bassett (40 goals from 42 shots) and Jo Harten in the circle.

“I was so excited in the pre-season about them playing together as a combination because I’ve played with both of them on other teams,” Poolman said. “I know how incredible they are, and how hard they are to beat.

“So, to have them come together as a formation is really exciting and I think they’ll just continue to grow each week and continue to get better. I’ll be excited to see what they’re capable of during the back half of the year.”

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