Germany team in talks over taking knee against England at Wembley for Euro 2020 last-16 clash

Germany team in talks over taking knee against England at Wembley for Euro 2020 last-16 clash

June 28, 2021

GERMANY could join England in taking the knee when they meet in their highly-anticipated last-16 Euro 2020 clash.

The bitter rivals face each other tomorrow at Wembley and the Germans are open to taking part in the stand against racism before kick-off alongside the Three Lions.

Despite never doing so previously, the German squad have discussed it several times, their keeper Manuel Neuer revealed.

The Bayern Munich stoppere also praised his English rivals for taking part in the controversial act.

While speaking to Kicker, he said: "Basically, we think that's very good from the English national team and from the teams that also do it in the Premier League.

"We haven't seen it in this form from the Bundesliga or our international matches. We talk about it in the team."

Although the 35-year-old veteran is in favour of the knee stance, it has divided opinion among English fans.

A minority of the country's supporters have booed when players have takenthe knee, which has been interpreted as an act of racism by some.

The fans who have taken part in the jeers have denied this and claim they oppose the gesture as it's political, which has no place in the game.

But Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate said: "I think we have got a situation where some people seem to think it is a political stand that they don’t agree with.

"That is not the reason the players are doing it. We are supporting each other."

Neuer and the Germans haven't had the same issues with their fans when taking part in protests.

When the 100 caps goalie wore a rainbow armband in support of Pride month and faced discipline from UEFA, the German fans rallied behind him.

While grateful for their support he claims he expected nothing less from them.

Neuer added: "Actually, I didn't expect anything else from our people and we as a team can only say that we are very grateful for that."

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