George Fisher Diary: Keeping up with the Kardashians, Vitality Roses and Christmas

George Fisher Diary: Keeping up with the Kardashians, Vitality Roses and Christmas

December 4, 2018

Wow, what an amazing couple of weeks.

I suppose it all started back in the first week of November when the Uganda squad was announced and my name was there in black and white!

I’d just come back from the Jamaica tour and the Fast 5’s in Australia and was totally stoked to see I’d been selected to play in my first major senior series on home turf. I actually found out I’d been selected when my mum called me and woke me up on the only day I was supposed to be having a lie-in!

It’s the first time I’ve ever been excited about an early wake-up call.

Being selected to play for England is everything to me. Putting on the red dress and standing belting out the national anthem before the game is so exciting and makes every minute of every training session worth it.

First home series done and first time playing at the copper box! And to top it off we won!!! And my best friend @fwills11 getting her first senior cap… get you a best friend that can pick you up!! #fromthestart #chickendinner ?❤️

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To play in front of a packed arena where the crowd are deafening was my childhood dream and now I’m living that dream, it’s unreal and it’s rare that people get to say that they enjoy their job but you’ll never hear me complaining about mine!

I’ve been lucky enough to have had some totally awesome coaches over the years and Tracy Neville is no exception, she’s really easy to talk to and gives us younger players amazing opportunities without putting us under too much pressure and she’s a real laugh – once the job has been done!

November has been a very busy month, the squad announcement, the news that Sky Sports will show the entire World Cup in 2019 and then the new awesome sponsorship launch with Nike, that was totally next level.

Not just smiling because it’s game day! But because we get to were our @Nike kit! #nextlevelnetball

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Into training camp we went, it was absolutely incredible to be playing, chilling and learning from some of the most experienced players in the netball world, I’ve felt totally supported and part of this awesome team from day one.

Back to The Future

They didn’t panic….England with the Win! Great to see our @HertsMavericks ladies reppin! X @Sasha_Corbin @GeorginaFisher4 @R_Quashie_ ?

There are big changes ahead me this season in the domestic league. I’m returning to Mavericks after two seasons at Wasps. I first joined Mavs at 13 in the NPL and then the senior squad at 16.

I’m studying at the University of Hertfordshire where Mavs train and as I started my career at Mavs it’s always meant a lot to me and to be able to return and be welcomed back by all of the players, coaches and especially the fans has been amazing.

Mavericks have been training for the last couple of months in prep for this coming season but I haven’t been able to attend much due to the full-time programme and England competition but Gabby, Sasha, Kadeen, Raz and I will all be back at training this week and will bring our focus back.

We have a couple of tri-series days – this Saturday in Loughborough and next Saturday in Bath so will be able to get out on court as a team and see what we’ve got. Really looking forward to the season starting now.

It’s the most wonderful time…

As all my team-mates know how much I love Christmas and I’ve been treated to a whole new Grinch set, PJs & slippers! Gotta love The Grinch and a secret Santa.

Along with the lessons learnt on court my team-mates have been teaching me valuable life lessons and I return the favour. Rachel Dunn loves to tell me all about her scientist work stuff and in return I am teaching her all about the Kardashians! Sharing is caring!

I truly, can’t believe it’s December already as Christmas is my favourite time of year. I’m actually away this Christmas in the sun with my family, I’m so excited about having a break and spending some quality time with the family.

I probably won’t be having the traditional Turkey dinner but will indulge a little, but not too much, as the season starts January 5 and I’ll need to be ready to go!

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