Football kit leaks 2019-20: What Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Barcelona will wear next season

Football kit leaks 2019-20: What Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Barcelona will wear next season

January 25, 2022

FOOTBALL clubs change their kits every season and once you've got used to the current kit it's time for the new one.

Well, that time is now – as details are slowly emerging of what kit the biggest players at the biggest clubs will be starring in next year.

In case you hadn't noticed, football kits are massive business.

Global sportswear firms pay hundreds of millions, even billions – if Real Madrid's rumoured extension with Adidas goes through – to have their logo featured on the world's biggest strips.

With kits changing every season, however, the design teams of some companies have been running thin on ideas.

But that will now start the next great trend for football kits: going old school.

Classic Football Shirts co-founder Doug Bierton, 33, believes designers are going retro with their designs because they realise football fans today are nostalgic for looks of the past.

Bierton, whose website has almost every shirt you could think of, told SunSport: "Adidas are looking back to the classics from the 80s.

"They've been with Manchester United since 2015, and each time they've brought out a new kit that's been a nod to that era.

"The patterns have been very prominent, influenced by shirts from the 80s and early 90s – which, for me, was the pinnacle of football shirt design.

"Most football fans will agree that was when the best football shirts were produced.

"They've got to obviously be a modern, athletic fit but I think sports companies are aware now that design is key.

"The fans are looking for something that is significant and means something. It can't just be a simple, template kit that's got no references in it.

"They got to bring something through that shows an appreciation for the past, while looking forward to the modern technology of the day."

Bierton says that shirts transcend football and are now a fashionable business, which is why Adidas and Nike are revisiting the past.

"It can't just be suitable for the players, for the season ticket holder, the aim is to be something broader that inspires more people to go out and buy it," he said.

"The fashion of the day is 80s and 90s inspired – graphic designs are big at the moment and that's what people are wearing.

"If companies release shirts like that they know they're going to be big sellers."

Bierton also believes that kids today have greater access to seeing past kits – thanks to the likes of YouTube. That plays a big part in designer's thoughts when designing a top.

"The history of the game is more prominent now for kids," he said. "With things like YouTube it's much easier to connect with what was going in the past.

"You were previously dependent on Match of the Day to show you what someone like Maradona or Platini was wearing back in the day.

"Now, you can jump on to YouTube and sit for hours watching Cantona or Ian Wright, so there's that familiarity with the past.

"I think that plays a role in it. It's not such a big shock to the kids and they're not surprised by the references to older shirts in new ones."

We've scoured the deepest, darkest corners of the web and sites such as FootyHeadlines to find all the latest news, leaks and images for kits that are expected to appear next season.

Only a few of Europe's biggest clubs have had kits leaked, with no news coming out of the majority of Premier League clubs.


The Gunners have a new main sponsor from next season with Adidas returning for the first time since 1994, replacing Puma from July 2019.

The sportswear giant replaced their German rivals in a massive deal that's the joint-second richest in the Premier League – a massive £300million over five seasons.

Home: The leak shows that although the kit is the traditional red and white, it features very dark patterns and leans heavily on an early 1990s influence.

There is a dark graphic on the main body as well as blue trim on the three stripes and the sleeves. The v-shaped collar is also straight out of the early 1990s.

Away: The latest leak shows the yellow away shirt also being inspired by the early 90s and one of Arsenal fans' most loved kits, the 'brusied banana'.

That kit features dark blue graphics across the shirt. The below image is not so bold as that brilliant kit, but is still a stand out design. An 'icons' jersey – casual, not match attire – will also be released by Adidas.

Bierton added: "The bruised banana is the archetypal classic, no matter what team you support.
"And I do think they'll be referencing that with their new away kit, which I'm excited to see"

Third: It is reported the third kit will be navy, although no further details are known. In previous years the Gunners have had navy kits with and without a lighter turquoise contrast.


Chelsea will continue with Nike and Yokohoma Tyres for 2019-20.

Although Chelsea have had traditionally blue and white kits, the presence of the Japanese company will mean they will likely have red on the kit once more – red is an important and lucky colour in Far Eastern culture.

Home: There are strong reports that the kit will feature a subtle Stamford Bridge graphic on the front, a bit like the Manchester United kit from 1994-96. The navy blue kit will have white and red trim, with the shorts blue and the socks white. Another leak shows the kit without a graphic, but lots of red and white trim and a V-neck.

Away: Believed to be white with blue trim. One leak shows a graphic that looks a bit like body armour weaving around the chest.

Third: Said to be a black shirt with orange detailing and socks. Nike are set to make all their third kits have heavy inspiration from retro and iconic kits from the 1990s. An NFL-style collar is also said to be part of the design.

Man City

The Premier League champions will ditch Nike for Puma, after the German company more than doubled their money from £20m to £50m annually.

The home kit is even said to be complete already, but there has been no further information on what it may look like apart from the traditional sky blue.

There are also a lack of details on the away kits, but City could continue their tradition for eye-catching (and sometimes misguided) third kits.

The bold choice next season is believed to be a bright orange and peach combo.

Man Utd

The club own the richest kit deal in the Premier League, earning £75million annually from Adidas, only Barcelona's £100m-per-year Nike deal beats them.

Unfortunately there are no details so far for the home kit – Adidas will release an icons jersey that was wrongly believed to be the new home kit.

The item is more a fashion piece than designed for players to wear on the pitch.

Away: Expected to be a very lightly tinted beige with black and red trim. The look could be similar to this season's pale pink kit in its shade.

Third: Little has been revealed about this kit except that it is going to be predominantly black grey and red trim.


Spurs continue with Nike and will have their new kit for their new stadium.

Home: Spurs keep the traditional white and navy but the big change this year is there will be black detailing as well.

It's not yet been revealed how that might look or where it will go on the kit.

Away: The second kit will be navy with purple accents and a bit of white trim although, again, not much more is known.

Third: Like Chelsea and other Nike third kits, Spurs will have the retro Nike logo, while the kit is said to be a bright blue/turquoise.


The La Liga giants will make big changes this year – although not quite as big as they hoped.

President Josep Bartomeu wanted to modernise the club badge but the rest of the board was not so happy.

Home: Going for a chequered design – think Croatia – with a bright trim that is less gold and more yellow.

The new look badge would have slightly different colours, would remove the letters 'FCB' and would get rid of black borders.

However, the new look wasn't well received by the board so it might stay the same at least this season.

Bierton says: "I'm really looking forward to seeing this Barcelona shirt, because it's rumoured to be this checker board design – something completely new for them.
"It makes you think of Croatia and the great kids they wore, worn by (Davor) Suker or (Zvonimir) Boban.
"Now, to see Messi wearing a jersey like that, I think will be fascinating."

Away: Bright yellow with a red and blue sash across the front, inspired by the famous kit of the 1970s, worn by Johan Cruyff.

Third: Like other Nike third kits will draw heavily on the past with a retro logo and full collar. The colouring will be the teal, blue and red like the kits worn by Stoichkov and Ronaldo.

Real Madrid

Los Blancos and the German giant are closing in on a record-breaking kit deal that would become the richest in sports.

It's not quite over the line yet but Real, who have worn Adidas since 1998, are set to sign a 10-year, £1BILLION agreement.

Home: Adidas will bring back one of Real Madrid fans' favourite colour combos – white with gold trim.

A similar colourway was worn in the 2011-12 season, the year they won the title under Jose Mourinho.

Away: A navy blue away kit with white trim and logos, although little else is known.

Third: The club are apparently going for an outrageous colour combo of mint green and navy with white trim. Other details are yet to be released.

AC Milan

The famous old club are in the second year of their deal with Puma and the German brand have decided to keep the traditional stripes with some smart, but subtle, changes.

Home: The vertical stripes are a lot thinner than this season, while the striped look has been extended onto the sleeves – this year the sleeves were a mostly black block.

There is no information on the away or third strips.

Inter Milan

The Italian giants, like rivals Juventus, are set to make a massive shift in the traditional vertical stripe design of their kits…

Home: It is rumoured that Inter will go for diagonal stripes next season.

There are conflicting reports about whether that will be across the whole shirt or just in the centre of the kit, where the Pirelli logo sits.

Away: Bold teal colour with black and gold logos and trim – no info yet on the actual design.

Third: In line with Nike's third kit retro trend, will draw heavily on the much-loved kit of the late 1990s, when Inter won the Uefa club during Ronaldo's first season. Mainly black with dark blue and gold trim.


Italy's most loved (and hated) team will move further away from tradition this year, with another bold shift.

Two years after ditching their logo for an ultra-modern 'J', Juve are now set to ditch their stripes.

Home: Set for a radical change in the look of their kits,  losing the iconic stripes for a half and half look, a la Blackburn Rovers. It is expected to have gold trim

Away: Solid white home kit with red trim and shorts, a crew neck collar and some light grey trim.

Third: Also featuring a block of colour, this time it's navy blue with a very pale blue trim.


Unlike their rivals, Roma appear to be staying in touch with tradition.

Home: The colours remain the same with the main feature set to be a gold zig-zagging line running down the middle of the shirt

Away: Not much has been revealed, except that it will be predominantly white.

Third: Will feature a retro look, with the main colour a dark blue.

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