Floyd Mayweather sees Logan Paul fight as easy pay-day after generously giving away so much cash, says protege Theophane

Floyd Mayweather sees Logan Paul fight as easy pay-day after generously giving away so much cash, says protege Theophane

December 11, 2020

FLOYD MAYWEATHER sees his fight with Logan Paul as an easy pay-day having generously given away so much cash during his life, according to the American's protege, Ashley Theophane.

The British star, 40, has witnessed Money's generosity first-hand during his career.

Theophane was taken under Mayweather's wing after the Brit boxer fancied a change, with the Las Vegas ace only to keen to help him out.

Down the years, Mayweather, 43, has faced claims of being 'broke' time and time again.

Despite that, he's always quick to not only flaunt his wealth on social media – regularly sharing pictures of himself with piles of cash, posh watches, luxury cars and huge mansions – but also to throw money at a worth cause.

Earlier this year, the 50-0 king offered to pay George Floyd's funeral costs after his death sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the planet.

Mayweather is believed to be worth an estimated £400million at present and is part of an elite group of sporting legends to have accrued over £1BILLION from their craft.

And Theophane reckons the American only took the bizarre fight with 0-1 YouTuber Paul to rake in some extra cash to keep helping people.

Theophane told inews: “Floyd gets a bad rap, but at the same time, that is kind of the image that he pushes out there.

"But to his friends and his family, I would say that he always tries to help them in whatever they’re trying to do.

"He wants his friends and his family and his community to do well. I think he doesn’t show that side of himself online.

“Let’s say for me, I came from the UK, he didn’t have to help me… but he’s done this to so many guys that from around the world.

"He met them and he’s just kind of liked them and he wanted to help. I think he does that a lot, but people don’t see that side of him.

“He’s always in shape so he just sees [the Logan Paul fight] as some easy cash, some easy millions.

“So I’m not surprised that he’s still staying active.

"But if you got Mike [Tyson] and Roy Jones [fighting], who have like ten years on him while he’s just retired the other day so he’s still pretty much still there, I’m not surprised that he is still trying to collect cheques.”

Theophane recalled how he came to work alongside Mayweather.

The Brit continued: “When I was British champion, I used to train in New York and I was there all the time.

“I wanted a change and saw that Floyd was in camp, so I flew over there for two weeks.

"From the very first day he asked me who I was and we just seemed to get on.

“So when I lost my British title [in 2012] I thought ‘I can’t get no breaks here again but you know what, I’m going to fly back to America and see if I can get onto Floyd’s team’.

“I flew back there, a whole year had gone by from when we last met, and he remembered me and said ‘Oh, you’re back’.

“I went out on runs with him and he used to watch me spar.

"And then he just said that he wanted to help my career, and he believed I could go far. And that’s basically how it started.”

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