Five potential Floyd Mayweather comeback opponents including Khabib, Manny Pacquiao and possible stint in UFC – The Sun

Five potential Floyd Mayweather comeback opponents including Khabib, Manny Pacquiao and possible stint in UFC – The Sun

November 23, 2019

FLOYD MAYWEATHER has announced another comeback.

It comes after his 2017 retirement fight against UFC star Conor McGregor, and ring cameo a year later knocking out Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

But in the same week Mayweather insisted he knew when to ‘hang it up’ in the ‘very brutal sport' of boxing, he claims to have made a U-turn.

In a social media post the 42-year-old revealed he is ‘coming out of retirement in 2020’ to work with UFC president Dana White on a ‘spectacular event’.

With a willingness to fight UFC stars, unknown kickboxers and mega-money rematches, SunSport investigates what could be next for Mayweather.


With Mayweather set to again work alongside UFC boss White, fighting another of the promoter’s MMA champions would be huge possibility.

After beating McGregor himself, Nurmagomedov became the company’s biggest star, offering Money a fresh challenge, and business idea.

The Russian UFC lightweight champion once called out Mayweather, which prompted the ring legend to tweet broadcasters Showtime to front up the cash for what would be a second another installment of UFC vs boxing.

Nurmagomedov’s outspoken manager Ali Abdelaziz even claimed the American was “begging” to fight the Dagestan hero, but SunSport understands Khabib is only focussed on MMA as it stands.


Mayweather outpointed Pacquiao in 2015 in a dull and tactical affair that was five years in the making, and as a result broke PPV records and generated over £300m.

Since the Las Vegas clash PacMan has chased a rematch, but watched on as his foe walked away from the sport with a perfect 50-0 record.

After making a ring cameo in late 2018 demolishing Nasukawa, Mayweather offered Pacquiao a second fight in Japan – but only in a non-pro bout.

PacMan flatly refused claiming he wanted a chance to avenge his loss, and SunSport revealed Money cancelled another exhibition fight to focus on the rematch.


After the explosive build up, and for the most part ten rounds of competitive boxing, McGregor demanded a second crack at Mayweather, after losing by TKO.

Ridiculous rumours of a hybrid kickboxing bout or UFC rematch emerged and soon dashed, but Mayweather has never closed the door on another big-bucks cash grab against with The Notorious.

After his unsuccessful boxing debut McGregor returned to the cage, losing to Nurmagomedov, but claims he will mark his road to the top of the sport again starting with his January comeback fight.

And despite McGregor focussing on his UFC career, Mayweather will always feel comfortable enough in his boxing ability to welcome the Irishman back in the ring within the next few years.


After Mayweather announced the shock exhibition bout against featherweight Nasukawa, he made the Japansese superstar a household name for boxing fans overnight.

And having made £7m for just over two minutes of work it was no wonder the veteran American was already lining up his next Far East contest.

Mayweather launched TMT Tokyo in June, and revealed plans to compete and stage his own exhibition fights, but cancelled an event in China this September.

With lots of cash top be made, and no risk of losing his unbeaten boxing record, facing another non-boxer as part of a spectacle seems only logical for the 42-year-old.

Betfair – Who will Floyd Mayweather face in his 51st Professional Bout?

Manny Pacquiao – 6/4

Shawn Porter – 6/1

Danny Garcia – 6/1

Keith Thurman – 6/1

Amir Khan – 8/1

Conor McGregor – 10/1

Errol Spence Jr – 16/1

Jessie Vargas – 16/1

Terence Crawford – 20/1

Canelo – 20/1

Kell Brook – 20/1

Devon Alexander – 50/1

Andre Berto – 50/1

KSI – 33/1

Logan Paul – 33/1

Paulie Malignaggi  -100/1

Donald Trump -500/1


Despite teasing fans with a series of MMA related social media posts in the past, Mayweather has had no real interest in ever going over to the UFC and being beaten up.

For all the unparalleled skills the showman has in the ring, he would be no match for any of White’s stable of fighters.

However, Mayweather, he claims, would make $1b if he ever was to fight in the UFC – money even he would take if it meant his pride finally being shattered.

But as he obviously would not ever be paid $1b by the UFC, or any other promoter for that matter, if Mayweather was to dip his toes in the MMA business, it would strictly be as a promoter.





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