Fighter scores MMA's fastest knockout – but gets accused of cheap shot

Fighter scores MMA's fastest knockout – but gets accused of cheap shot

July 22, 2023

Fighter scores fastest knockout in MMA history with stunning head kick just two seconds into bout – but gets accused of using a cheap tactic to set up stunning win

  • Luis Hernandez crushed Brian Topp with head kick 
  • Easily beat the fastest knockdown in UFC history 
  • Fight fans said underhanded tactic preceded kick 

An MMA fighter’s incredible two-second knockout victory has been tainted by accusations that he used an underhanded tactic to secure the win.

Luis Hernandez smashed his left foot into Brian Topp’s head just two seconds into their Titan FC 83 bout in Florida on Friday, instantly rendering his opponent unconscious and getting another blow in as he lay stricken on the canvas while the referee waved off proceedings.

However, the Miami-based fighter set up the blow by distracting Topp as he held his right hand out in a sign he wanted to touch gloves in a customary greeting, before withdrawing his hand and landing the killer shot.

Luis Hernandez knocked Brian Topp into next week with a shattering head kick just two seconds into their bout in Florida on Friday night

However, fight fans believe the victory was tainted because he baited his opponent by pretending to want to touch gloves (pictured) in a customary fight greeting

So while the knockout – which was officially but inaccurately announced as coming one second into the fight – beat the UFC record set by Jorge Masvidal when he starched Ben Askren in five seconds back in 2019, some fight fans believe it should be accompanied by a big asterisk. 

‘Guy’s a bum for fake glove touch,’ one fan tweeted.

‘The fake glove touch was a bit underhand,’ another agreed.

‘Are we going to ignore that he baited a glove touch?’ wrote a third. 

Hernandez’s professional record stands at three wins, no losses after the bout – but some fans believe his latest win should have an asterisk next to it

Fighting out of Miami, the 26-year-old (pictured, left) has competed at middleweight and welterweight, recording five straight victories as an amateur

However, another MMA aficionado wrote: ‘All the guys in the comments talking about fake glove touch have never seen luis hernandez fight before. dude starts every single fight with this same kick, be prepared.’

While Hernandez’s tactic before the kick goes against the spirit of MMA fighting, he technically didn’t break any rules, proving there’s a good reason fighters are always told to protect themselves at all times.

The win takes the 26-year-old’s professional record to three wins and no losses after he scored five straight victories as an amateur. 

Meanwhile, the knockout dropped Topp’s record to one win and five defeats. 

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