F1 Eifel Grand Prix LIVE: Race build-up, Bottas ON POLE, Hamilton second – latest updates from Nurburgring – The Sun

F1 Eifel Grand Prix LIVE: Race build-up, Bottas ON POLE, Hamilton second – latest updates from Nurburgring – The Sun

October 11, 2020

FORMULA ONE is at the world famous Nurburgring this weekend for the Eifel Grand Prix – and Mercedes are dominating once again.

A brand new race for 2020, Lewis Hamilton is second on the grid behind Valtteri Bottas after a dramatic qualifying.

Follow all the latest from Germany below…

  • Justin Lawrence


    Mercedes have defended its decision to swap Lewis Hamilton onto soft tyres for Eifel Grand Prix start.

    Despite already setting a quick enough time on mediums to reach Q3, the Briton was sent out again to complete a second run on the softs as the team switched their compound strategy for the start.

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said: “I think we were just in the debrief it was discussed and it is clear the soft is the right tyre to start with and Lewis agreed with that.

    “Starting on the medium you lose about four metres against the soft and all his competitors around are on soft so it makes no sense to take big risks and a big gamble.”

  • Justin Lawrence


    Lewis Hamilton has stressed that he isn't thinking about equalling Micheal Schumacher record in the Eifel Grand Prix.

    Hamilton has insisted that he has his “work cut out” to win Eifel GP.

    Instead, he said he was more worried about defeating the Russian GP winner Valterri Bottas and Max Verstappen.

    Speaking on the situatuon, Hamilton said: “Honestly it wouldn’t make any difference, I’ve got my work cut out tomorrow, and it's not something that I'm really particularly thinking about.

    “If and when it happens it’ll be great, but right now these two are making it pretty hard for me. I’m enjoying this battle I have with the guys.”

  • James Orr


    Jacques Villeneuve has slammed Lance Stroll for missing the Eifel Grand Prix.

    The Canadian withdrew from the race weekend due to illness.

    This didn't sit well with Villeneuve who feels that’s a poor reason not to race.

    He said: “Even if you have a stomach ache or have not eaten for a whole week, you still go racing.

    “If you’re really hungry to make it in Formula 1 , you’re always going to race and not quit.”

  • Joshua Jones


    It’s race day!

    Valtteri Bottas starts from pole position nabbing the top spot on the last lap to bump Lewis Hamilton to second on the grid.

    The Finn said: “It's such a nice feeling when you get it on the last lap!

    “It was tricky today with a short practice and getting the tyres spot on.”

    Hamilton is sitting pretty at the top of the drivers’ standings and starting from P2 gives him a very good chance of winning today's  Eifel Grand Prix.

    Hamilton has the chance to equal Michael Schumacher's record of 91 victories in F1 this weekend – not that he's shouting about it.

    In fact, the six-time world champion – who can also win a Schumacher-equalling seventh title this season – seems more focused on his personal crusades against racism and climate change.

    Hamilton, who intends to use his massive social media platform to educate said: “I've never been a record person but of course when my name is mentioned in the same context as someone I grew up watching, then it's like 'woah'.

    “I have to step back for a second and realise what that actually means. 

    “I think that embarking on these records and achievements creates a platform on which to be able to speak about things that could potentially change people’s lives; for everyone's children to grow up in a better world.

    “As I get older, and understand the world more – as well as the impact that us humans are having on the world.

    “I'm really getting into technology that is sustainable; changing things in my life so I can have a more positive impact.

    “Trying to think of the bigger picture – we are trying to continue to fight to end racism, and discrimination.

    “This is a constant battle that people have been fighting for hundreds of years. It's a constant battle now.”

    Hopefully the weather is better today than it was yesterday and Friday! The weekend of racing saw practice delayed due to the horrible weather.

  • Sandra Brobbey


    Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas reckon Formula One Grand Prix no longer needs to be spread over three-day weekends.

    The Mercedes team-mates were responding to questions on Saturday from AFP and other media following the cancellation of Friday practice.

    And Hamilton denied a lack of practice contributed to him failing to land a 97th pole position.

    Hamilton said: “I don't think we need to be in on Fridays, so it was fine for me.

    Bottas, who achieved his third pole of the season and the 14th of his career,added: “Currently, in a normal weekend, I feel like there is too much practice.”

  • Joshua Mbu


    Lewis Hamilton delivered a message to his twitter following sharing a message of hope on world mental health day.

    Hamilton said: “I want encourage you to check in with your friends, family & the people around you, to remind them that they are not alone.

    “Life can be tough, particularly in the world we are living in today. Let’s spread positivity and be kinder to one another.”

  • Joshua Mbu


    The ten greatest F1 drivers of all-time – according to SunSport's motorsport correspondent Ben Hunt.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Valtteri Bottas starts from pole position tomorrow,the 14th of his career.

  • Joshua Mbu


    Charles Leclerc starts from P4 ahead of tomorrow's Eifel GP.

  • Daniel Brookes


    Nico Hulkenberg says his last-minute call to replace Lance Stroll for Racing Point was even crazier than last time.

    Hulkenberg previously replaced Sergio Perez at Silverstone after the Mexican driver contracted Covid-19.

    Despite less than four hours notice the German came within 0.4 seconds of the second qualifying round.

    Hulkenberg said: “It was even wilder and crazier than last time.

    “I was in Cologne which is an hour from here. I was due to come here this afternoon anyway, I was going to do some TV stuff from RTL tomorrow.

    “I was sat with a friend having a coffee at 11am when I see that Otmar [Szafnauer, Racing Point Team Principal] rings me and says ‘Hulkenberg, hurry we need you here’.”

  • Daniel Brookes


    Valtteri Bottas nabbed his third pole of 2020 on the last lap to bump Lewis Hamilton to second on the grid.

    The Finn said: “”It's such a nice feeling when you get it on the last lap!

    “It was tricky today with a short practice and getting the tyres spot on.”

  • Ben Hunt


  • Ben Hunt


    The Finn gets it with his final flying lap. He is on pole.

    Hamilton will start in second place while Verstappen will line up in P3 alongside Albon.

  • Ben Hunt


    Then Bottas and finally Verstappen.

    It is set up perfectly.

  • Ben Hunt


    Can Verstappen hold on to that P1 spot?

    It would be great if he could.

  • Ben Hunt


    The Dutchman takes provisional pole from Bottas and then Hamilton.

    Albon in P4

  • Ben Hunt

    Q3 IS GO

    The top 10 shoot-out and pole for the Eifel GP is underway.

    It is a simple fight.

    Hamilton vrs Bottas vrs Verstappen.

  • Ben Hunt


    Disappointing for the German as he qualifies down in 11th place.

    His Ferrari teammate, Charles Leclerc, does get into the top 10 shoot out.

    Also eliminated are Magnussen, Giovinazzi, Kvyat and Gasly.

  • Ben Hunt


    He goes quickest. Comfortably so.

    That was a strange one, as he looked assured of going into Q3 with a time set on medium tyres.

    It now means both he and Bottas will start the race on soft tyres.

  • Ben Hunt


    The Finn was in danger of being eliminated, so Mercedes have put him out on a set of softs.

    Ideally, he would have done enough on the mediums, like his teammate.

    But, assuming he qualifies in the top 10, it all means that they will be on alternate strategies.

    Hamilton starting the race on the mediums, Bottas on the softs.

  • Ben Hunt


    But the Red Bull man set his time on the quicker soft tyres.

    Hamilton in P2 set his on the medium.

    Alex Albon in P3, also on the softs.

    In the drop zone are – Gasly, Kvyat, Magnussen, Giovinazzi and Vettel

  • Ben Hunt

    Q2 IS GO

    Green light in the pitlane and the Merc are wasting no time.

    Red Bull also out on track early.

  • Ben Hunt


    But it is just not enough to get into Q2. He is eliminated and will start last.

    Not a bad effort from the German given he had zero practice.

    Raikkonen, Latif, Russell and Grosjean also given the boot from Q1.

  • Ben Hunt


    The Red Bull man looks fired up.

    As do Ferrari, who appear to have rediscovered some much-needed pace.

    In the dropzone are Hulkenberg, Giovinazzi, Raikkonen, Magnussen and Grosjean.

  • Ben Hunt


    And the two Silver Arrows drivers go P1 and P2. They are comfortable.

    Norris in P3 is almost 0.8 seconds behind Bottas in P2.

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