Escape for batsman in amateur match as bails somehow remain on stumps

Escape for batsman in amateur match as bails somehow remain on stumps

July 30, 2019

Un-bail-ievable! Incredible escape for club batsman as the bail balances precariously on the stump when he was bowled – and even Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar hadn’t seen it happen before!

  • A textbook delivery in an amateur game sparked a moment of confusion 
  • The bowl had struck the bails but bizarrely failed to dislodged either 
  • Ex-India skipper Sachin Tendulkar shared the unusual video on Twitter 
  • Law 29.1.2 states that a bail must be completely removed to count as a wicket 

An amateur batsman received a very lucky escape after having a seemingly nailed-on wicket rightly chalked off when a very stubborn bail refused to fall.

In a bizarre piece of action, a pacey bowl strikes the stumps – rocking the bail in the process but ultimately failing to dislodge it. 

The video caught the eye of former Indian skipper Sachin Tendulkar, who asked his Twitter followers for their opinions and said that he had found it ‘very unusual’. 

The bizarre clip shows the moment an amateur cricketer received a very lucky escape

The bowler’s delivery clipped the right-hand bail but ultimately failed to dislodge it

The batsman would have been relieved when the umpire rightly dismissed claims for a wicket

Tendulkar’s post received almost eight thousand likes and 75 thousand retweets, and generated mixed opinions from cricket fanatics. 

The local match had taken place at Sanderstead Cricket Club, and produced a comical moment rarely seen in the sport. 

During Worcester Park batsman Rob Hill’s innings, the bail somehow balanced on the off stump despite being struck – sparking bewilderment among the two teams. 

The bowl itself appeared to be inch-perfect, delivered with the right amount of power and precision to deceive the man at the crease. 

However, according to the laws of the game, the ‘wicket is only put down if a bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps’.

Former India captain Sachin Tendulkar also shared the ‘very unusual’ video on Twitter

LAW 29.1.2 

29.1.2 – The disturbance of a bail, whether temporary or not, shall not constitute its complete removal from the top of the stumps, but if a bail in falling lodges between two of the stumps this shall be regarded as complete removal.

The unlucky bowler threw his hands in the air in frustration after being robbed of a wicket

The umpire took a moment to consider what he’d seen but was ultimately unmoved

The official rule (29.1.2) also states that if the bail lodges between two of the stumps then it is regarded as complete removal.

Any claims for a wicket were rightly short-lived after the umpire correctly pointed out the stubborn bail had somehow remained teetering on top, but had somehow not been adequately dislodged.

The home side’s bowler will have been ruing his luck even further after Worcester made use of their newfound luck to collect the victory. 

Sanderstead CC currently run four Saturday sides, all of whom compete in the Surrey Championship, and a Sunday team who take part in traditional friendly fixtures. 

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