England ace John Stones made my life hell after World Cup fame went to his head, says ex girlfriend Millie Savage

England ace John Stones made my life hell after World Cup fame went to his head, says ex girlfriend Millie Savage

December 13, 2020

ENGLAND ace John Stones’s ex has told how he callously dumped her, saying: “I’m done. I don’t feel free and I don’t love you anymore.”

Millie Savage, mum to their daughter, three, said: “The last two years have been hell and it is ongoing. I wouldn’t want to put anyone through this. He has been an a***hole.”

John Stones’s devastated ex says World Cup fame went to his head — adding: “I thought we’d spend our lives together but I feel he’s become a bully.”

Millie was left heartbroken when their relationship crumbled after the England ace’s heroics in summer 2018.

The couple, who met when Millie was 14 and have a daughter, three, split in November that year.

Weeks later she got an Instagram message from a mystery sender revealing that the £175,000-a-week Man City defender, 26, had started secretly dating Olivia Naylor.

Millie, 27, added: “You see these girls in the nightclubs who throw themselves at footballers.

“John has moved on with one of those girls and I feel bullied ever since by his wealth and power.

“Footballers are treated as gods and John bought into it wholeheartedly after the World Cup. He let fame get into his head.

“For footballers the rules of normal life become blurred.

I feel bullied by John's wealth and power

“We are just mortals to them, but in reality it is like looking after a child who has no concept of how the real world works.

“I put my hopes to one side and supported him throughout his career. I kept him grounded."

Millie and Stones met at school in South Yorkshire. She was a devoted presence as he moved from Barnsley to Everton before joining City for £47million in 2016.

A year later she gave birth. And at the 2018 World Cup in Russia the couple were pictured hugging in the stands after England beat Sweden 2-0 to reach the semis.


Millie added: “Before the World Cup John was just John. He was lovely, polite. He’d speak to people and was just daft.

"We were like an old couple, we’d walk the dogs. We weren’t showbizzy.”

Millie said she noticed a change in his behaviour after the tournament. He partied more with teammates and started drinking at home.

Millie said he once returned from a casino at 7am and threw money at her.

Before the World Cup John was just John. He was lovely, polite.

Then in November he walked out leaving her in tears. Millie recalled: “We heard Rio Ferdinand had got engaged to Kate Wright.

“I said, ‘That’s nice to see’. John knew I’d always wanted to marry.

“We’d been together for years. I’d become a Stones. I asked why it hadn’t happened. He just didn’t want to know.

“We came home and went through our normal routine. Later that night I said, ‘Look John, I know it annoys you when I bring up marriage but you’ve got to understand it from my perspective’.

"He refused to answer then replied, ‘Look Millie, I’m done. I’m not happy. I don’t feel free and I don’t love you anymore’.”

Stones left their Cheshire home and stayed in a flat at City’s training ground, as we reported.

Millie said: “I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had no income, no money of my own.

“Some people may think I was daft but I gave up everything for him when he signed for Everton and he asked me to go with him.”

After laying out his feelings, Stones — a starter in last night’s 0-0 Manchester derby — told Millie how he saw his future without her.

She added: “He said, ‘I’ll always look after you. I want us to get on, but this is my house’.

“Straightaway I knew what I was going to have to deal with. He left me there crying and that was it.”

Soon after Millie received the mystery Instagram message titled: “Must Open, About John.”

It read: “Hi Millie, Please be with a family member or friend when you open this.

“I’m so sorry you have to find out this way and hope you can understand my reasoning for wanting to be anonymous with all the mess and publicity around the situation. You need to speak to John about Olivia Naylor.

“He has had a baby to her this Christmas, and she talks about how they are biding their time for now but they will be together once he has settled with you financially.

“It has been weighing on my conscience as it is so wrong what the pair of them have done.

"I hope I’ve done the right thing to inform you as it is hard to know what’s best in these toxic situations. All I can say is keep your chin up. X.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had no income, no money of my own.

Beautician Olivia’s baby was born a month after Stones left Millie — but the child is not his. We reported on his new relationship in March 2019.

Millie added: “It’s like a Jeremy Kyle episode. John denied knowing Olivia at first but later said they’d known each other long before the World Cup.

“He told me, ‘Olivia is ten times the woman you’ll ever be’. And after everything I gave up for him he rang to say, ‘If it wasn’t for you, I’d have done better’.

“I think back to when he hugged me at the World Cup. We were elated — but it’s been cheapened.

"I suspect he thought Olivia’s baby was his, so he left suddenly in November because he knew he was living off borrowed time. The thing is, it’s not his.”

Millie stayed in their home but became aware that Stones was accessing CCTV via a phone app.

Millie recalled: “During the Covid lockdown he was sending messages about my comings and goings. I was creeped out. I felt like I was being constantly watched.”

Game over for couple

2006: John Stones meets Millie Savage while a pupil at Penistone Grammar School, South Yorkshire.

2008: The two begin dating.

AUGUST 2016: Stones signs for Manchester City from Everton for £47million, a then-world record fee for a defender.

DECEMBER 2016: Stones has a tattoo of Millie’s face inked on his arm after claims he cheated on her with events organiser Jessica Peaty.

APRIL 2017: The couple celebrate the birth of their daughter.

JULY 2018: Millie flies to Russia to support Stones at the World Cup.

NOVEMBER 2018: The couple split.

MARCH 2019: The Manchester City ace is reportedly seeing former beautician Olivia Naylor.

NOVEMBER 2019: Stones has the tattoo of Millie removed from his arm.

MAY 2020: Millie accuses Stones of watching her on home CCTV.

As The Sun on Sunday reported, Stones was spoken to by cops but not suspected of committing any offence.

After the CCTV incident, Millie said: “John told me he wanted to move into our home with Olivia and her baby and that I’d have to leave.

“It felt like he was kicking me out. I left in September with nothing. I couldn’t take a thing with me.

“I walked out of that house as it was when John and I lived together.

"The same curtains we chose, the bedding, the job lot. I mean, what kind of woman would want to move into the ex’s home?”

Millie has moved to a new home paid for by the star where she can stay until their daughter turns 18.

But she ran up legal fees of around £45,000 following the split and said: “To me he’s an a***hole who is trying to control me. All I’m trying to do is move on and be the best mum I can be.

“Fame got too much for him when he went to City then the World Cup.

"Everyone there has reached out to me because they’re in utter shock at his behaviour.

“I want to see him succeed. Yes, he’s done wrong to me but at the end of the day he’s my child’s father. Whatever the present feelings between us I can never take that away from him.”

A source close to Stones said: “John is a devoted and loving father and his priority has and always will be the welfare and total privacy of his daughter.

“He denies and refutes the version of events described and has always gone above and beyond since his break up with Millie to protect his daughter.

“He has now been in a happy relationship for almost two years and is moving on with his life.

“He is saddened that Millie has taken this route for herself and their child. He won’t be making any comment.”

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