Ed Sheeran and Declan Rice performed Wonderwall duet during Three Lions' Euro bash, Tyrone Mings reveals

Ed Sheeran and Declan Rice performed Wonderwall duet during Three Lions' Euro bash, Tyrone Mings reveals

August 2, 2021

TRYONE Mings has revealed Declan Rice and Ed Sheeran performed a duet at a gig put on by the superstar during the Euros.

Ed, 30, surprised the Three Lions team by playing an impromptu concert.

Aston Villa ace Tyrone said he was such a fan of Ed he was blown away but admitted confident Declan belted out Oasis classic Wonderwall with the superstar singer.

Tyrone, 28, said: “The Ed Sheeran night was one of the best days of my life.

“I am such an Ed Sheeran fan that for the first hour he was there, I barely spoke. I just looked at him.

“Declan sang with him, I think they sang Wonderwall.

“Earlier in the day I think Ed had been at Kiss FM and he did a Kisstory medley, it was like Craig David and So Solid crew. It was amazing.”

Manager Gareth Southgate, 50, also ensured film nights were laid on the for the players to encourage them to relax and unwind.

Tyrone added:  “We had different cuisines, people coming in and cooking; pizza one night, Caribbean another night, etc.

“We had a lot of movie premieres, and watched The Fast and the Furious. There was a lot of dancing. Some of the lads played golf, I organised a basketball mini tournament.

“Tom Cruise did a message for us before Top Gun, but I missed it. People are going to be horrified, they will hate this, but I am really not a Top Gun fan.

“I stayed in my room and played Call Of Duty.”

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Tyrone however.

In an exclusive interview in The Sun today he opened up about his own mental health struggles during the tournament.

Tyrone also spoke candidly about the racial profiling he had experienced throughout his life.

He said: “I’ve been stopped by police in my car a few times.

“I was in Chippingham – which is where I grew up so you’d think they’d know better – but they pulled me over and said something about my car not being registered around here, and wanted to know why I was in the area.

“I mean, I was in a Range Rover which I’m pretty sure isn’t illegal…

“I’ve had some subtle stuff as well, like being in the shops and getting funny looks, things like that.

“But I don’t think we are in a time when it’s as bad as it once was, and we are so fortunate to live in a world where we’re not put in prison for our beliefs, or we’re not in prison for the colour of our skin.”

Like his England teammates Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling, Tyrone is continually pushing for social change.

He is in “an ongoing conversation” with the PFA, the player liaison officer at Aston Villa and West Midlands in a bit to clamp down on trolls.

He believes social media users should give a driving license or passport in order to open an account, and that custodial sentences should be given to the worst offenders.

Tyrone added: “If you want someone to go to prison for something they said, or you want them come to justice for something they wrote, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to also attend court, to speak to the police ten times and write ten separate statements. It’s too draining.

“More needs to be done to make the process quicker and easier – at present there’s no sustainability.”

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