Deontay Wilder claims fear of his own 'dangerous' power stopped him KOing Tyson Fury and tells of the horrific damage it's caused to past opponents

Deontay Wilder claims fear of his own 'dangerous' power stopped him KOing Tyson Fury and tells of the horrific damage it's caused to past opponents

December 11, 2018

The American managed to retain his WBC strap against Fury in a controversial draw at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 1.

Many believed Fury, despite being knocked down twice, had done enough to get the victory.

And the pair are now looking at scheduling a rematch for next year.

But the reigning WBC champ claimed he was too "anxious" and that's what prevented a stoppage victory.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Wilder said: "In that fight with Fury it was crazy, I couldn’t straighten my right arm out.

"I feel like something was stopping me from really just throwing it straight and to the end for some reason.

“I was very anxious of knocking him out – I couldn’t straighten it [his right arm] out."

Revealing how his team were urging him to let loose, he added: "I kept going back to my corner, ‘Why you can’t throw the right hand – it’s right there'.

“He’d [Fury] be right there and I was still over loop my punches, I’ll telegraph it, it felt like something was stopping me.


PROMOTER Eddie Hearn has slated the 300,000 pay-per-view buys Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury produced, labelling it ‘abysmal'.

Wilder, 33, defended his WBC heavyweight world crown against Fury, 30, in a thrilling fight that ended in a controversial split decision draw.

Anthony Joshua’s promoter Hearn, claimed that Wilder vs Fury PPV sales at 300,000 is ‘terrible’ and ‘absolutely abysmal'.

Hearn said: “It's now easier to make the Wilder fight vs other circumstances.

“So if Wilder would have won devastatingly, he would have been a f***ing nightmare.

“Everyone thought he lost so he drew and although his stock has gone up because he is well-known, it's not like he was this phenomenon.

“To do 300,000 buys is terrible, absolutely terrible. 300,000 is absolutely abysmal. Dillian Whyte against Joseph Parker did more than 300,000 buys in England.

“I mean we're talking about across the US. You can't say it's good. Canelo (Alvarez) and (Gennady) Golovkin have just done 1.2 million and they're middleweights.”

“I understand it now, I understand everything."

The 33-year-old then opened up on some of the horror injuries he has inflicted on his opponents – even stating that he feared he had "killed" one opponent.

He added: “I’ve always like said, ‘damn you got all this power, me being the person with it, I’ve felt many of the times – I’ve felt dangerous.

“I’ve felt like at times it can be too much power, I get scared of myself at times.

“Because I know I’ve got the potential to hurt someone – seriously.

“Just looking back at some of the guys I’ve knocked out and seeing the reactions, I’ve broke guys arms, I’ve broke the eye sockets, I’ve put them in seizures, almost killed [Artur] Szpilka in New York, he laid there for a while.

“I didn’t even see him [Szpilka] breathing, it’s been amazing to have so much power, but still trying to understand it as well."

With discussions ongoing for a proposed rematch between Fury and Wilder, the American has said he will gain two stone if he meets the Gypsy King again.

Wilder, 33, scaled in at 212.5lbs against Fury, as he was outweighed by 44 pounds by the Gypsy King, who came in at 256.5lbs.

He said: “We gonna adjust the weight.

“We gonna do a lot of things. Especially with the weight. Because these guys have outweighed me the majority of my career.

“My goal was always to be 245, that’s what my goal has always been. But somebody’s gonna get hurt.

“If weight brings big man power, and I already had the power and the speed, somebody gonna get hurt.

"So if people wanna see me put on weight and someone get hurt, then so be it.”

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