Darts star Matthew Edgar sets sights on new target after Glen Durrant ‘spat’

Darts star Matthew Edgar sets sights on new target after Glen Durrant ‘spat’

October 24, 2021

Darts star Matthew Edgar insists his Twitter beef with Glen Durrant was all good fun – though Prime Time has now set his sights on a new target.

Edgar and Durrant got into a war of words ahead of the first Covid lockdown, when Durrant was flying high at the top of the Premier League.

Edgar, currently ranked 62 in the PDC's Order of Merit, managed to reel the three-time BDO world champion into a spat on social media.

Though Edgar insists it was all good fun and is now targeting American Danny Baggish as his next wind-up victim.

"We've never not liked each other, we were just winding each other up," Edgar tells Daily Star Sport of his battle with Durrant. "That's what it's like on the tour.

"Your interactions are purely a wind-up. It's very much like a school. Some people took it a bit serious, some took sides, but it was all good fun.

"You don't see it now on Twitter but we still have a wind-up. But I'm going for Danny Baggish, he's my next target.

"I hear all the time that he is the absolute top dog at cricket, especially from the American side of things.

"I'm trying to take him on at that, there is a lot of backwards and forwards. It's mostly on private message but you will see the odd tweet spill over."

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Edgar insists there is no hatred on the Tour, despite being cooped-up with your competitors most weekends.

That became even worse during the pandemic with players forced to stay in a bubble in hotels.

The bubble system is now gone ahead of this week's Players Championships 24-27 in Barnsley, and Edgar admits he is glad to get some freedom back.

"People look and say it's not really a sacrifice but the mental side is so hard," he added.

"To play four days of darts in Germany, it cost me about 16 days because of the isolation. It's not an easy thing to do.

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"Even the environment, your breakfast is delivered to your door, you can go down and practise, play my game then you have ten minutes from the second you're knocked out to get back to your room. Then you're not supposed to leave your room until you can go down and practise the next day.

"It was the closest thing to darting prison you can imagine.

"It was tough and I'm glad to see the back of it. It was a very hard time mentally. Some people thrive in it, some struggled."

Edgar had another way of dealing with the struggles having become increasingly well known for his YouTube exploits.

The 35-year-old has over 25,000 subscribers and offers insights into the Pro Tour and life as a professional.

He often takes to the site via live streams just moments after his tournaments are over. Not that everybody is appreciative.

He said: "A lot of people would love to do it, but it opens you up, and you don't always get positive feedback.

"When you're opening up and saying this is me, you're essentially asking people to like you. It opens you up to abuse, and I've had my fair share.

"But I'm thick-skinned enough to say I'm not that bothered and I'm still me. You can't please everyone."

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Though Edgar's focus returns to the board rather than the screen for the next few days, having worked hard during the past couple of months.

"I think I'm going deep (this week)," he added. "I'm practicing really really well, I've been going to the gym a lot, have put on a bit of muscle mass while losing a stone in weight so I'm very confident that I've used these ten weeks absolutely perfectly.

"I'll be very surprised if anyone has trained as hard as I have off and on the board, to make sure they're right for this. That was one of the things I wanted to get right in my mind.

"I wanted to go in that room knowing whether it's the world number one or whoever whoever I play I need to know in my own mind no one has done more than me."

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