Craig Carton’s Diet Coke shot at Michael Kay was seven years in the making

Craig Carton’s Diet Coke shot at Michael Kay was seven years in the making

May 28, 2021

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Craig Carton’s entry into the afternoon sports-talk radio war even has him defending old rival Mike Francesa.

Monday marked WFAN duo Carton and Evan Roberts’ first simulcast on SNY, and Carton answered a shot fired by Michael Kay, when his ESPN New York show had its first YES Network simulcast seven years ago after Francesa’s run on the channel came to an end. Kay dumped a bottle of Diet Coke – Francesa’s signature drink – into a garbage can held up by partner Don La Greca.

Carton, who used to mock Francesa when he was on the morning show with Boomer Esiason, broke out a case of Diet Coke cans during his Monday television broadcast – and plans to make it a regular part of the show.

“I want to make sure we right the wrong on that,” Carton said Monday, referencing Kay’s Diet Coke dump. “I’m bringing the Diet Coke back. Because there’s a new sheriff in town, and in honor of Mike Francesa, the Diet Coke in afternoon drive, New York City, will always be king. So it is out of the garbage can and is now something you have to deal with on a daily basis.”

“Carton & Roberts” has moved ahead of “The Michael Kay Show” in the ratings after Kay eclipsed Francesa before Francesa’s retirement.

“We want to win, we all want to win. But when you pour the Diet Coke in the garbage can, you didn’t think that was gonna go unanswered forever?” Carton said. “So here’s to you Mike Francesa, I’ve got your back.”

The moment took an odd turn when one of the cans Carton put on his desk fell and “exploded,” as Roberts put it, spraying some soda on Carton and sending him diving out of his chair onto the floor.

“That’s what you get for a nice gesture toward Mike. You get attacked by a Diet Coke,” Roberts said.

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