Claressa Shields makes history as first four-belt undisputed champion in two weights after dominating Marie-Eve Dicaire

Claressa Shields makes history as first four-belt undisputed champion in two weights after dominating Marie-Eve Dicaire

March 6, 2021

CLARESSA SHIELDS made history by becoming the first four-belt undisputed champion in two weights.

The Stateside star dominated Marie-Eve Dicaire over 12-rounds, headliningan all-women pay-per-view card.

Shields retained her WBC and WBO light-middleweight titles, but won Dicaire’s IBF belt and picked up the vacant WBA version.

At 25, she has now reigned as a three-division champion, winning all-four undisputed straps at light-middle and middleweight.

No fighter has held all the marbles in two separate weights in the four-belt era, capping off a historic night for Shields.

She said: "At the end of the day, I am the new undisputed champion at 154, first boxer in history to do it, undisputed twice.”

Shields, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, is quickly running out of opponents to face.

So much so, that she is set to debut in MMA with PFL in the summer, and has even been asked about fighting Katie Taylor.

Ireland's Taylor, 34, is also undisputed champ at lightweight, but campaigned only as high as light-welterweight.

Shields started her career at super-middleweight, meaning there is naturally TWO STONE difference between the pair.

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But with the American now set at the 154lb light-middle division, she is tempted to move as low as 147lb to make welterweight.

It would mean again moving up for Taylor, and for her promoter Eddie Hearn to offer Shields at least $1million, to compensate for the drastic weight loss.

Shields said: “Katie Taylor is not the worry, the 147 is. Katie is a great fighter.

"They gotta pay me a lotta money for me to lose my butt to go down to 147.

“At the end of the day, I’m a woman, and that’s something I love about my body.

"I don’t have no big breasts but I got a nice butt, and I would lose that going to 147. They need to come with that dough, at least with a million.

"Talk to me nice.”

Despite wiping out the competition with ease after only 11 fights, Shields has a ready-made rival in Savannah Marshall.

Marshall is the only one to EVER beat Shields, a 2012 upset in the amateurs and is now the WBO middleweight champion.

But Shields said: “Savannah Marshall can’t f*** with me. Let’s keep it real. Savannah Marshall, you won a lucky decision when we was kids.

"I was 17. Also, London was hosting the Olympics. She knows. If you wanna blow about you beating me eight points to 14, come on now.

"Then you let me become champion in three different weight classes and you’re pro? Make it make sense.

"Savannah Marshall knows she cannot and will not ever be able to f*** with me.

"She can come to America, I can go to the UK, we can go to Mexico, wherever Savannah Marshall wants to go, I will f*** her up.

"Literally. She knows that. She’s scared of me. I’ve been wanting smoke for years. Savannah Marshall can get it.

"Tell Eddie Hearn, he came with that wack ass $250,000, he better come with $500,000, $750,000 if he wants me to come over there and smoke his girl.”

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