Anderson slams Mardle for promoting spoiling tactics after his retirement threat

Anderson slams Mardle for promoting spoiling tactics after his retirement threat

December 30, 2020

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Gary Anderson has lashed out at Wayne Mardle after the Sky Sports pundit backed the actions of Mensur Suljovic during their controversial World Darts Championship showdown.

The Flying Scotsman, who reached the quarter-finals with a 4-0 win over Devon Petersen on Wednesday evening, had previously battled past Suljovic amid two interfering tactics from the Austrian.

After he seemingly forgot which table he was assigned pre-match, Suljovic took long breaks when he was due to throw, which was seen as a spoiling tactic by his opponent.

After the match, both Mardle and Mark Webster stated that Anderson needed to calm his emotions, with the former suggesting that his next opponent could easily knock him off his game.

As well as calling his complaints a 'poor excuse' Mardle said that Anderson was 'not in a good space'.

Anderson has now said in response: "Wayne Mardle's comment the other night, what a ticket.

“If you're playing a player you need to put him off, you need to slow him down. That's coming from a commentator on Sky. My way of playing darts is to hit a 140 if he hits a ton or a 180 if he hits a 140.

“Put pressure on by out scoring him and out finish him. Now Wayne is telling everyone if you've got a problem with a player, do whatever you can to put him off.

“What a numpty. That's a great lesson to teach kids isn't it? Proud of you Wayne.

"Devon and I played proper darts today. You throw your darts, you beat him with what you've got in your hand. Not all these tactics and whatever Wayne tells you to do.

"You lot sit and watch darts, I play darts and know how everybody plays. I could be playing Brendan Dolan and I know exactly how long it takes him to throw. If he wavers from that, I'd pick up on it.

“It just shows that you guys don't actually watch and listen, and see things you're supposed to. It took Mensur 23 seconds to throw his first dart. Come on.

"Wayne Mardle, Rod Harrington, Mark Webster. They've all played darts, I've seen them kicking off because somebody's done something to them.

“If they'd had been up there playing, they'd have been a hell of a lot worse than I was. Trust me on that.

"I've heard their comments, I don't think a lot about them. But it's a great way to tell the public how to play darts. Well done lads. Proud of you.

"There's quick players and there's slow players. But when it takes you an extra 10 seconds than usual to throw, that's different. Come on lads.

"I'm up there to play darts, win or lose. If I ever thought for one second 'slow the game down by five seconds and I'll win the world championship', would I do it? No.

“I’ll play darts how it's supposed to be played and anyone who doesn't like it can do one.”

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