Amir Khan can still make money through boxing career with reality TV show, YouTube fights, and promoting

Amir Khan can still make money through boxing career with reality TV show, YouTube fights, and promoting

February 23, 2022

AMIR KHAN is looking at the end.

After being stopped in a pulsating fight in the sixth round against fierce rival Kell Brook, the Olympic silver medallist is mulling over his retirement.

"I've had 40 fights, winning two world titles, fighting in America and around the world," Khan told Sky Sports after the scrap.

"I need to sit down with my family. But it is more towards the end of my career.

"The love for the sport isn't there anymore. In the ring, I didn't have excitement and that push.

"That's maybe a sign that I should call it a day. But let's see."

But what does the future hold for the former WBA champion?

There's his reality TV show, Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton which is currently filming a second series.

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While, if he misses boxing, he could turn to YouTube and follow the lead of Jake Paul to make money through the streaming channel.

And if that doesn't cut it, Khan has business as a promoter and his own fighting organisations in India.

TV star

With a fortune estimated to be worth £40million, Khan has made some shrewd decisions for a life after boxing.

His most recent, and perhaps most entertaining, began airing on the BBC early last year.

Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton gave us a glimpse into his world with pretty American influencer wife Faryal Makhdoom and their family.

It took in locations as glam as Dubai, but didn't neglect his northern roots.

You could call it Kardashian-light, but it proved to be popular – drawing six million requests on iPlayer.

A second season is on its way, which is currently being filmed right now.

It is set to cover the build-up to his fight with Brook, as well as the aftermath licking his wounds as he decides where to go


Watching fights online has become big business in recent years for wannabe boxers and some old time pros.

The likes of the Paul brothers, as social media influencers, have made a vast fortune from fights that have gone live on streaming channels including YouTube or Triller.

Jake Paul is said to be one of the highest paid boxers on the planet – and is believed to have made a monstrous £20million from his short career so far.

Meanwhile, pal Rashed Belhasa (better known as Money Kicks), is set to take on Floyd Mayweather in a money-spinning event.

Although Khan doesn't boast as many followers on Instagram as Paul who has almost 19 million, his healthy 1.4 million fans might be enough to justify his next bout being streamed on a social media channel.

And there is a future in it – with the legendary Mike Tyson revealing he wants to set up a YouTube and TikTok tournament where a special championship belt could be made available to the winner.

Boxing and MMA leagues

Fighting is in Khan's blood.

So, it's no wonder he owns fighting leagues in both boxing and MMA.

India's Super Fight League was set up in 2012, and Khan is a co-owner alongside British-Indian businessman Bill Dosanjh.

It has produced over 67 live televised events – drawing 100 of millions of viewers.

In 2017, Khan and Dosanjh founded the Super Boxing League in India to compliment their MMA organisation.

And it continues to go from strength-to-strength – boasting a multimillion TV deal with Sony ESPN.


Over the years, Khan has learned from the best promoters in the business.

Formerly repped by Frank Warren, who recently urged him to give up the fight game, Amir launched his own promotion company called Khan Promotions.

Last year he officially announced his first signing the English amateur champion, Tal Singh.

And he will have his pick of local fighters from Bolton and Peterborough, as well as its surrounding areas thanks to his boxing gym, the Amir Khan Academy.

Khan also launched his academy in Islamabad with the aim of training Pakistani amateur boxers to compete in future Olympics.

"Our children are the future, so it's essential we invest in them now," Khan said on launch of his boxing club.

"My goal is to uplift every child and help them reach their full potential.

"With your support, we can get more kids off the street and fight issues such as knife crime."

The gyms are supported by public donations.

With all that keeping Amir busy, should he choose retirement he will certainly have enough on his plate to deal with.

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