You've been ordering at Wetherspoons all wrong – here are four ways to save money on food and drink

You've been ordering at Wetherspoons all wrong – here are four ways to save money on food and drink

March 9, 2022

PINTS and nibbles down your local Wetherspoon are already cheap, which makes it great for a night out or budget meal in the week.

But you might have been ordering at the pub chain wrong this whole time – there are plenty of ways to get an even bigger bargain though.

With 861 branches in the UK you don't have to go far before you stumble across a Wetherspoon.

The pub chain typically sells beer, cocktails, and meals like fish and chips and breakfast, plus plenty more at a low cost.

As the cost of living crisis continues though, there are even fears that prices will be hiked at boozers, so everyone is looking for a bargain right now.

We reveal four ways that you can save money on food and drink down your local 'Spoons.

Appy Days

Having your trusty Wetherspoon app means you can cash-in on all the latest deals and discounts at your local.

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It's free download, and even lets you order at the table too.

Wetherspoon has confirmed its latest deals to The Sun, including £1.49 pints of Ruddles. Plus, Bells whisky is the same low price.

On the app you can view the drinks options in your own pub, but stock will be subject to availability.

You can also check up on the latest Wetherspoon news with its seasonal magazine – that's available right on the home screen of the app, and sometimes there's new offers inside being promoted at the chain.

Join the club

Wetherspoon offers discounted dinners as part of its Steak and Curry Clubs.

It's worth joining in the craze as you can get something like a gourmet steak and a beer over a pound cheaper than normal.

You used to be able to order the menus only on certain days of the week but Wetherspoon made the dishes available everyday back in June last year.

Another refresh in December meant prices were discounted on Tuesdays and Thursdays though – so that's when to place your order for the best bargains.

Tuesdays are for meat-lovers, while Thursdays are when you can cash-in on a korma and more.

You don't have to do anything to "join the club", just pick the discounted dishes from the club menus on the right day.

For example, a classic steak meal with an alcoholic drink costs £9.95 usually, but is only £8.29 on Tuesday – a saving of £1.66.

You'll save £1.16 on a gourmet steak and a beer, which is now £10.29 on a Tuesday instead of £11.45.

A Wetherspoons curry is usually £8.45 with an alcoholic drink or £7.15 with a soft beverage.

But it costs £7.29 or £5.99 on Thursdays – saving punters £1.16.

Fill your boots

At Wetherspoons you can get tea or coffee from as little as £1.20.

And you can keep refilling your hot drink as much as you want at no extra charge.

It applies to your cuppa, or anything from a cappuccino to a latte, and even hot chocolates.

Prices can vary between branches but in most cases you'll be able to cash-in on endless hot drinks for a little over a pound.

You won't necessarily get the five star service of being waited on though, as you'll have to pop up to the self-service coffee refill machine each time you're after a top up.

If you just want one drink though, a coffee from another foodie rival like McDonald's costs less at just 99p.

If you're feeling first though, you'll save money for each extra drink you get.

Shop around

Yes, this is normally a tip we'd reserve for your next B&M spree or cutting your costs at the supermarket, but you can get more bang for your buck if you go to another 'Spoons.

One beer-loving couple visited a whopping 321 Wetherspoon pubs across the length and breadth of Britain – but you don't have to go to such extremes for a bargain.

A handy map spotted on Reddit reveals where to find the cheapest Wetherspoons pint and biggest chip portions across the country.

So it might be worth visiting somewhere different to your local, if another down the road has cheaper offers.

Prices are usually more expensive in city centres, with the highest prices charged in central London, and travel hubs.

Pubs in smaller towns and on the outskirts of major cities are likely to be cheaper.

You could try changing up the chain you visit altogether too if you're after a bargain – for example, rival Greene King has free pints up for grabs next weekend.

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