Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

December 13, 2018


Your weekend starts slow under a moody Pisces Moon Friday night, Aries, so don’t expect to get into too much fun. Saturday night’s a real party, though, when the Moon enters your sign. Venus, planet of love and pleasure, is in your chart’s sex zone, and it bumps and grinds all weekend with the Sun and Jupiter, planet of enlargement. Your libido stays amplified, so any hookups you get into promise to be extra explosive!

The Moon is in Taurus for most of the week, activating your chart’s pleasure sector and upping your desire for sensuality. Thursday’s Gemini Moon is more lively, and your tempo accelerates with the alignment of the Sun and Uranus, planet of disruption and suddenness. This brings unexpected circumstances that shake up your routine, but can also open the door to a surprise new romantic connection.


Friday night’s all yours, Taurus. The Moon is in Pisces, activating your chart’s most social sector, so of course you’re out having a great time! Your ruling planet, Venus, has a supportive angle with lucky Jupiter, activating the zones of your chart the correlate with romance, relationships, and sex. People can’t get their eyes off you and are asking for your number left and right, and you’re sure to go home with someone if you so desire.

The remainder of the weekend is under an Aries Moon—solitary and irritable for your sign—but on Sunday, Venus initiates opportunities to get intimate with someone else, so hooking up isn’t out of the question! On Tuesday, the Moon flies into the most sensual sign of all, your sign, so you can go through the week in a pleasant mood.


If you’ve been eyeing a cutie at the office, Friday night could be your chance to make a move, Gemini! Venus, planet of love, and Jupiter, planet of luck, are activating your chart’s zones of your workplace and your relationships, respectively. If you make the first move, things are sure to be in your favor.

On Tuesday, the Moon enters Taurus, which is a big turn off for your sign. Keep things low-key for a few days until it enters your sign on Thursday. This is a full Moon, so the week ends on an especially emotional note—but in a good way because Uranus, the planet of surprises, interacts smoothly with the Sun in Sagittarius. In English, this means that someone from your social circle (or your hot co-worker) could become a love interest or start a new relationship with you!


An optimistic Pisces Moon starts your weekend off right, Cancer. Venus, planet of pleasure and love, is in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun ATM, meaning that dates and hookups aplenty are on the table for you this weekend. It interacts with Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibilities, on Sunday.

Saturn has been in your chart’s zone of partnerships for almost a year now, so relationships of all kinds have taken a serious turn lately. This energy with Saturn and Venus is an indicator that you can start a committed relationship with someone new and expect it to be successful, or you take an existing relationship to the next level! The week is rather busy, but power through, little crab! After Thursday, the Sun is finally be out of your charts zone of busyness and work. Then, it’s in Capricorn, starting off an entire month where relationships are the focal point of your life!


Friday night’s Pisces Moon is intimate and sexy for your sign, Leo. Although Venus, planet of relationships, has been keeping it low-key in a quiet, solitary zone in your chart for a couple of months now, it has a pleasant moment with Jupiter, planet of luck, in your chart’s sex and romance sector this Friday. This supports dreamy romance or unforgettable hookups that promise to leave you breathless. Venus connects with the Sun (in the same frisky zone as Jupiter!) on Sunday in a very similar manner, so you can go for a second round before the weekend ends!

Unexpected information or shocking news of the best kind falls into your lap on Thursday, when the Sun and Uranus, planet of shock and disruption, team up in your chart’s zones of romance/sex and adventure/new things, respectively. Maybe you fall for someone who’s totally not your type, or get hook up with someone from out of town—there’s no telling with disruptive Uranus. Expect the unexpected—your love life gets shaken up a little, but it’s not an unpleasant experience!


Relationships are on your mind on Friday night, Virgo, under the emotional Pisces Moon. Connecting with others is what you’re after, and you’re more likely to find your way into a hookup with this astro-weather. The Aries Moon that lasts the rest of the weekend illuminates your chart’s zone of intimacy, so the thirsty vibes carry on for a few days longer!

With Mars, planet of energy and action, lighting a fire in your chart’s relationships zone this entire time, it’s no wonder you’re such a horndog! It shares supportive energy with transformative Pluto in Capricorn, in your chart’s zone of sex and romance, indicating that a change in relationship status is afoot. This could be going from being single to getting together with someone, or vice versa, or taking a relationship to the next level. With the Taurus Moon activating your chart’s zone of adventure and optimism the next day, it looks like whatever happens ends up putting a smile on your face!


Don’t count on having too much time to go out on Friday, Libra; the Pisces Moon is activating your chart’s zone of the workplace all day . However, things might heat up later in the evening when Venus, planet of pleasure and relationships, bumps into lucky and expansive Jupiter. Venus in in your chart’s zone of pleasure, and in the most sexual sign, Scorpio, meaning that you definitely won’t forget any after-hours hookups you may find yourself in this weekend.

On Saturday, the Moon enters Aries, activating your chart’s relationship sector. It’s the perfect weekend for dates, hooking up, and hanging out one-on-one with your loved ones. On Tuesday, the Moon enters sensual Taurus, in your chart’s zone of sex and intimacy, drawing out this horny spell for another few days. Your libido is under more and more pressure until it’s all released on Thursday, when the Moon enters lighthearted, upbeat Gemini. What a week!


The Moon is in Pisces on Friday, Scorpio, activating your chart’s sector of romance, sex, and fun! The planet of love and pleasure, Venus, is in Scorpio and teams up with generous Jupiter all night. This brings good luck and exciting vibes to your love/sex life, and with Venus radiating its amorous aura in your sign, you’re irresistible to everyone that lays their eyes on you! The Moon enters Aries, in your chart’s zone of the workplace on Saturday, where it stays for a few days. Life is busy and you’re clocking in more hours, so there’s not too much time for fun.

On Monday, your ruling planets, fiery Mars and mysterious Pluto, share supportive energy that activates your chart’s zones of romance and communications, respectively. You’re determined to get shit done and turn around a situation with your relationship for good. Whether this means asking someone out, breaking things off, or otherwise adjusting a component of your love life for good is to be determined—just know that there’s a big change coming!


When the Moon is in a water sign, it tends to douse your natural fire, Sagittarius. Friday night’s Pisces Moon is liable to do just that, putting you in a rare introverted mood until the Moon enters Aries on Saturday evening. This wakes you right back up and turns on your bright personality, optimistic attitude, and most importantly, your sex drive! With this being the last week of Sagittarius season, it’s still all about you, so go out and see who you can find!

Venus, planet of relationships, is still in your chart’s zone of isolation, so whether you end up sleeping with someone sexy is up in the air. On Thursday, the last day of Sag season, the Moon enters Gemini, activating your chart’s relationship zone. At the same time, the planet of disruption, Uranus, causes a commotion in your chart’s sector of romance and sex when it connects with the Sun. Someone unexpected (or entirely new) shows up out of the blue and promises to leave a lasting impact on your love life—no worries, the easygoing energy of this astrology means you won’t be shaken up too much!


You have a nice Friday night gossiping and hanging out under the social Pisces Moon, Capricorn, and you may meet some intriguing figures if you end up going out! Venus, planet of relationships and love, is in your chart’s zone of social circles, meaning that someone you meet through your friend could end up being a significant other down the line. An encounter like this could occur on Friday night, as Venus links up with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck!

The Aries Moon for the rest of the weekend is in your chart’s zone of home life, so get all your partying done on Friday! Your mood picks back up on Tuesday, once the Moon enters Taurus, a like-minded earth sign. This sensual Moon phase cranks up your libido and fills you with energy. It’s in your chart’s zone of fun, romance, and sex, so why not pound out all of that energy in the bedroom? Under the Taurus Moon, your stamina is endless and you can keep going and going and going as long as you want!


Friday night’s astrology bodes well for your sex life, Aquarius! A steamy Pisces Moon in your chart’s zone of desire and pleasure promise heightened sensations and unforgettable intimacy in the bedroom, especially with the planets of love and luck, Venus and Jupiter, connecting at the same time! The following day’s Aries Moon is fiery and upbeat, and your weekend is packed with outings and plans.

When the Moon goes into Taurus on Tuesday morning, your chart’s zone of home life is activated, and you spend much of the week relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the previous Aries Moon. Thursday’s Gemini Moon activates the most exciting zone of your chart, however—the sector associated with romance and sex! The mood is lighthearted and frisky, and some pleasant surprises may sprinkle their way into your love life as the planet of disruption, Uranus, radiates unpredictable (but pleasant) energy at the same time.


The Moon is in your sign on Friday, Pisces, so you know what that means: you’re the star of the show! The Moon determines the general vibes, so when it’s in your sign, everyone is thinking and feeling on the same wavelength as you. You connect with others effortlessly, so your natural charm and flirtatiousness shines.

The Aries Moon coming in on Saturday slows down your pace, but its fire sign energy warms up your chart’s zone of physical sensation so any hooking up you get into promises to be especially pleasurable. This delicious energy carries on through the rest of the week as the Moon enters Taurus, the most sensual sign, activating the upbeat zone of your chart associated with communication and activities. Why not get busy with your S.O. or FWB? Nothing major happens in your love/sex life this week, and your horoscope is relatively easygoing and mild, so enjoy chilling out!

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