Your fridge freezer is in the wrong place – and it could be adding to your energy bills

Your fridge freezer is in the wrong place – and it could be adding to your energy bills

April 26, 2022

YOUR fridge freezer could be ramping up your energy bills without you knowing – but there's a simple way to fix the problem.

Research shows that where exactly you place the appliance could have a major impact on your energy bills.

As the energy price cap increased to £1,971 earlier this month, and the cost of living crisis continues, many households have been battling to pay bills.

The price cap is expected to rise by another £600 in October, causing more misery for struggling families.

And while you might not be able to find a cheaper energy deal any time soon, there are still ways to cut costs.

How you use your appliances can significantly affect your bills each month.

From leaving things on standby to not using the available eco-settings, simple mistakes can become very costly.

Data from Cambridge Energy shows that even moving your appliances could help to cut costs, Sky News reports.

According to the study, placing a fridge freezer in a cool and ventilated area will mean it uses around 216kWh less energy a year – saving you around £60.

This is because refrigeration appliances require ventilation to work properly.

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Without a steady air flow, the appliance won't be able to regulate temperatures inside properly, making it work harder.

This means it has to use more energy to keep cool, adding to your bill.

Plus, improper ventilation could result in the fridge freezer failing to work altogether – and repairing or replacing it will be costly.

Where should I store my fridge freezer for better ventilation?

A fridge freezer needs a clear source of cool air entering from the bottom, and warm air needs to be able to exit from the top.

So the first thing you should do is remove anything stored on top of your appliance to prevent warm air from becoming trapped.

And make sure nothing is stored around the outside of your fridge at the bottom so cool air can reach it without obstruction.

Try to avoid storing the kitchen essential in a stuffy room with no windows or doors, as this will restrict fresh air too.

Equally, don't sit your fridge in direct sunlight where heat will beam on the appliance throughout the day.

Pop it in the coolest spot in your kitchen, and make sure there's room between the back of the appliance and the wall by at least 10cm to allow the coils to work most efficiently.

Also, create some distance between your fridge freezer and your cooker or other hot appliances to avoid making it work harder to stay cold.

Meanwhile, we reveal the vampire appliances that could be adding £500 to your energy bills.

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Did you know, turning the thermostat down by 1 degree could save you £100 a year off your heating bill.

And you might be reading your energy bill all wrong which could be pinching unnecessary pennies from your savings.

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