Your February Horoscope Is Here

Your February Horoscope Is Here

February 2, 2019

Isn’t March supposed to be the month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? This month just might give that reputation a run for its money. Allow your February 2019 horoscope to explain.

On the 4th, the new moon in Aquarius will fill our minds with wonderful clutter of innovative plans, contrarian viewpoints, and humanitarian ideals. The full moon on the 19th will clear that all away and help us clarify our true vision forward.

In the days between these powerful lunar phases, entertain your wildest visions (to the more grounded signs, fear not — Mercury in Pisces will aid in your suspension of disbelief) and spend plenty of time cozying up at home. Even if the weather where you are doesn’t demand it, your lover will. By month’s end, we should be feeling well-loved and at least somewhat healed from last month’s eclipses. Of course, how any of this impacts you depends on your Zodiac sign. Your monthly horoscope, ahead.

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The first half the month is your time to shine, Aries. you’ll feel motivated and powerful, and, despite your impulsivity, you’ll know how to the channel that energy productively. Share it with others, especially your coworkers — including your manager. Don’t be afraid to network upward this month, dear Ram. Venus sliding into your 10th house of career on the 3rd will only add to your earning potential at work. Schedule any big presentations after that. What you might lack in finesse and charisma at this time will be eclipsed by your persuasiveness and drive.

In the back half of the month you’ll have to balance the simultaneous urges to spend and save your money. Wait for a big win to treat yourself too much, Aries. Your bank account will thank you later.

This month will put you in the mood for love, Taurus, with a particular craving for romantic intrigue — the sort of thing your routine-adoring sign would usually turn down. This influence may see single Bulls dating (far, far) against type, and it could coax those in long term relationships (far, far) outside of their comfort zones. Mars in your first house will continue to heat things up from Valentines’ Day onward — but with this steamier outlook comes a hotter temper, Taurus. Be patient and focus only on the people you love and care about. And, above all, resist the temptation to dig your heels in at the slightest change of plans. Doing so will turn this month into the lovefest that it has the potential to be.

The full moon on the 19th is in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity. Let these expansive moon beams remind you of what makes you feel good, then go out and find it.

Is all well at home, Gemini? What about within? This month you’ll crave intimacy and power, but you won’t be completely sure if you want to conquer the world with your partner at your side or if you’d rather go it alone and do it in their honor. Remember that every single comment and glance you exchange with your lover has to have a heavy double meaning — and certainly don’t stew on these little interactions by yourself. If you’re coupled, bring your deeper, darker thoughts to the surface during a quiet night at home. When you put them out into the air, they might not seem so dark after all. Single Gems can use this month to better understand their definition of a perfect partnership.

During the full moon on the 19th, tend to your home, domestic affairs, loved ones, and your personal life in general. Hopefully you’ve unearthed some personal truths by the time this lunar phase rolls around, and can act accordingly.

Keep a close watch on those who populate your everyday life, Cancer — partnerships of all kinds will demand your attention this month, though your romantic interests will be first in line. Single or committed, you’ll be the heart-eyes emoji personified this month. Don’t hold back from showering your partner (or yourself) with affection, but be careful you don’t spend all of February in a lover’s bubble. This energy can give you social tunnel vision.

The 11th will be your cue to shift focus and direct your charms toward the powers that be at work. You may feel a renewed interest in networking or, at the very least, putting some face time in with the most powerful players around the office. Despite your newfound desire to climb the corporate ladder, you can’t deny your compassionate side, Cancer — look out for opportunities that might serve your fellow workers as well as yourself.

You could find genuine joy and fulfillment at work this month, even if that comes at the cost of your social life (how un-Leo-like of you). Funnel that sense of ease into every task you take on this month and keep track of your accomplishments. When Mars moves into Taurus and your 10th house of career, you’ll be in the mood for some accolades — and a list of all your wins will come in handy.

The full moon on the 19th will put you on high alert for financial imbalances in your life. These could crop up at work or on the homefront. You hate it when you don’t feel like you’ve gotten yours and that resentment may be harder to hide later on this month. Whether your manager’s been holding out on a raise or your roommate has fallen behind on rent (again), confront them directly, but don’t bite their heads off. This lunar phase is as much about giving as it is about taking for you, Leo.

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Health, work, your daily routine — these things are always sort of on your mind, Virgo, but during the new moon on February 4, they’ll be all you can think about. Try not to get hung up on what you’re doing “wrong” (or not doing at all) when it comes to your well-being. As one of the most practical signs in the Zodiac, you’re probably doing all that you can. Instead, focus on how you can improve upon the systems that are already working in your life. A small tweak to your habits at work or health regimen made now could have major returns by the full moon.

Speaking of which, the 19th will see the moon reach fullness in your sign, lighting up your sense of self. After scrutinizing the very structure of your everyday life during the new moon, you’ll have a chance to appreciate yourself just as you are — don’t let your self-awareness hinder your celebration too much, Virgo. Wink at your reflection, start the day with a positive affirmation, and, at the very least, pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come already.

Serenity now? You’ll stand a chance at cultivating a true sense of tranquility at home this month, Libra, at least for the first half. Venus in your fourth house is urging you to test your skills as a domestic deity and spend your free time feathering your nest. Should you choose to Konmari your space, your sentimental objects will be a particular draw. Enjoy a walk down memory lane when you discover your old concert tees, but be careful you don’t get caught in a whirlpool of nostalgia — despite the warm and fuzzy feels that kick off the month, you’ll need to be fully present from the 14th onward.

That day, Mars will start stirring the pot in your relationship sector. Your inner circle may request your diplomatic input on all matters in their personal lives. Your romantic partners may demand more attention. You may face neediness, conflict, or, hopefully, possibly, greater harmony. Make like the scales that symbolize your sign and try to keep a level head.

This month will all but demand that you find a creative outlet, Scorpio. You’re a deep-thinking water sign, ruled by Pluto, the little planet that’s big on mystery — don’t act like you never sit on ideas that deserve to be expressed and shared with others. As February begins, listen to the voice in your head that likes to narrate your wildest flights of fancy. Sometimes you’re too calculating for your own good and end up overlooking the nuggets of insight that arrive when you let your imagination run wild.

And don’t mistake this as a pointless exercise in self-expression. Others will start to seek you out around the 19th’s full moon. Your creativity doesn’t just make your life interesting — it’s often a gift to those around you, Scorp. Don’t ignore the coworker who invites you to an impromptu brainstorming meeting and don’t say no when an old friend asks to catch up out of the blue. We know you’re a loner and a rebel, but people look at you and see a source of wisdom. Don’t let them down this month.

You’re a boundless source of energy, Sagittarius, the spark plug of the Zodiac. Are you ready to have that reputation tested? The new moon on Monday, February 4th will see you in social butterfly mode, fielding invites, enjoying instant chemistry with new people, and generally finding yourself at the center of important discussions. You’re used to drawing others toward you, so this might not feel like anything new, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your suddenly magnetic appeal.

The interactions you have with others won’t just impact your social capital but potentially your literal capital as well. With love planet Venus hanging out in your financial sector nearly all month long, your communication skills will go the distance if you direct them toward networking — your natural charm could be the thing that seals your next big deal. As you flit from one event or date to the next, take comfort knowing that Mars will supercharge your health and well-being starting on the 14th. Your tireless reputation should remain intact come March.

What’s this, a carefree month for the crotchety old Goat? We’re only kind of joking, Cap. You get a bad rap for being a bit of a grump, but that’s just because you usually have between five and 10 very serious matters on your mind — matters that you believe you must take total responsibility for. Give yourself a break and at least try to go with the flow. Opportunities for romance, self-care, and, simply put, play time will abound from February 3 onward. You’ll even enjoy an additional boost in your creativity and pleasure sector mid-month on the 14th.

Knowing you, Cap, you’re already wondering what’s the catch — and it’s rather simple, actually. When life feels like a playground, it’s up to us to know when recess is over. As you indulge in this month’s pleasing, easy energy, pay attention to which impulses you’re giving into. Make sure they’ll provide you with an adequate diversion without throwing you too far off course. You’re still a goal-oriented earth sign. Even though you deserve to rest this month, don’t lose sight of the mountaintop you’ve been climbing toward.

The moon has got its eye on you this month, Aquarius — ready to shine? To begin, the new moon on the 4th will turn your thoughts toward what makes you, well, you. Aquarians are a famously unique bunch, but when was the last time you stopped and considered what truly makes you stand out from the pack? Identify those traits and then look back on your past successes. You’ll more than likely realize those accomplishments came as a result of your individual gifts and talents.

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Said gifts and talents will be called up upon a few weeks later when the moon waxes to fullness in your house of partnerships. Have you been keeping certain skills to yourself at work? Have you been hiding an important, but slightly inconvenient, truth from your S.O.? The time has come to reveal your whole self to those around you, Aquarius. You’ll sacrifice some sense of mystery, but in exchange you’ll stand a chance at achieving the goals you set as a team.

Come out, come out, wherever you’ve been whiling away the winter months, Pisces. We know you normally like to spend the first half of February tucked away in your spiritual cocoon so that you can emerge a gorgeous and dreamy butterfly when your solar season begins on the 19th. But, this year, you’ll feel an unexpected desire to come out a little early and mingle with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors. As compelling as the call of your couch might be, don’t ignore this urge!

From the 11th onward, you’ll be a master communicator, especially when it comes to putting words to your own ideas and feelings, ones that you’ve likely been incubating for the last couple months. Craft a presentation or a website that puts your best vision forward — it’ll be sure to dazzle your intended audience. We know you aren’t one to brag (or self-promote whatsoever), but if you’ve been waiting for a sign to speak up and ask for what you know you deserve, this is it, Pisces. You’ve seen enough of your cocoon.

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