You could save £1,089 by avoiding pubs this summer, says research

You could save £1,089 by avoiding pubs this summer, says research

July 17, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has messed with the economy – and there is likely more to come, with whispers of redundancies once furlough is over, and what could be the ‘sharpest’ recession on record, according to Bank of England.

But it’s not dire news for everyone.

Those who have been lucky enough to retain their jobs or get new work have managed to squirrel away more cash in lockdown than ever before, thanks to cutting back on personal spending.

Small luxuries add up over time – coffee, drinks at the pub, takeaway orders, drinks at the pub, taxi rides, drinks at the pub.

In fact, a survey has just revealed that avoiding the favourite British past-time (drinks a the pub, duh) for the rest of summer could see you save yourself a handsome sum in coming weeks.

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The findings showed that we frequent watering holes more often in summer – an average of 2.5 times a week.

This figure, combined with the fact an average pint in the UK is priced at £3.79 according to The Good Pub Guide, means each person could save £363.84 a month.

Additionally, the survey found that 12% of the 2,408 participants visit the pub every day – meaning that their savings could be even greater.

And if you tend to opt for more expensive beverages, such as spirits, wine or speciality beers, that piggy bank could fill up very quickly.

In short? Avoiding your local or opting for cans in the park equals more cash for other things.

Then again, can one really put a price on the social value of a cold pint in the pub with mates?

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