You can now get a Baby Shark cake at Asda – and it looks incredible

You can now get a Baby Shark cake at Asda – and it looks incredible

April 13, 2019

IF your little ones can't stop singing the Baby Shark song, Asda's just launched a cake that should go down swimmingly.

The new cake is shaped as a shark and it comes packed with madeira sponge, raspberry jam and coloured icing.

To really get the shark look, it's then topped off with an edible mouth and eyes as well as a dorsal fin.

The cake serves 18 people so it could be a great option for a birthday party, but it'll set you back £11.

It's available online as well as in stores. Asda has 639 stores in the UK – you can find your nearest one here.

None of the other major supermarkets in the UK are currently selling shark-shaped cakes, while one at will set you back an eye-watering £80. is also selling a Baby Shark-themed cake, but it doesn't come shaped as the creature.

If your kids aren't fans of sharks at all, Asda's also just launched cakes shaped as a bumble bee and narwhal (a type of whale) for the same price.

The Baby Shark song started off as an innocent sing-along video on the Pingfong YouTube channel last year, and it quickly got millions of views.

Earlier this year, Asda launched a GIANT caterpillar cake measuring 45cm.

The supermarket's also selling a leopard print cake for £12.

If you prefer something savoury before sweet, Tesco's selling a £30 wedding cake made entirely out of cheese.

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