You Can Get An Advent Calendar With A Bag Of Pork Scratchings Behind Every Door

You Can Get An Advent Calendar With A Bag Of Pork Scratchings Behind Every Door

September 28, 2020

December just got even more delicious than usual.

As we all know, December is the month in which to be gloriously gluttonous and enjoy all the delights the season has to offer. Luckily for those who love a little surprise alongside their traditional Christmas fare, these food advent calendars are the absolute one.

Christmas time is usually filled with work Christmas dos, family parties, festive events, and all of the above comes with a lot of top notch nosh. This year, however, is likely to be a considerably more muted affair than previous years. In light of this, spending a little more than usual on advent calendars in order to bring the party to you seems advisable.

The rise of the luxury advent calendar has been pretty well documented and thanks to the likes of boozy offerings, beauty-focused options, and all manner of creative calendars means that chocolate ones now seem a little old school. For the foodies among us though, all of the above are nothing compared to counting the days until Father Christmas arrives with an array of stunning snacks. Ones that you won’t be willing to leave out for the big guy on Christmas Eve.

So here’s a sample of some absolutely scrumptious advent calendars so you can feast your way through December in style.

This creative calendar from posh popcorn pedlars Popcorn Shed features six flavours of gourmet popcorn for you to chow on as you count down the days.

Did you know what a cheese truckle is? Well, it’s the adorable name for a small barrel-shaped piece of cheese and this calendar is falling down with them. Eight varieties of cheese, including Christmas Pudding and Margherita flavour, make up 24 days of deliciousness. It’s always good to know you’ve got emergency cheese close at hand.

Marshmallows your jam? Well this selection of top shelf, gourmet marshmallows is the one for you. Featuring twelve alternating flavours including Vanilla Bean, Candy Floss, and Salted Caramel.

This slice of heaven includes a daily dose of snacks which are ready and waiting to go alongside your evening tipple. Eight different snacks including smoked almonds, chilli coated peanuts, and wasabi peanuts make up this delicious festive calendar.

Purveyor of all things posh and culinary, Fortnum & Mason, has arguably one of the most luxurious and varied calendars around. It features all sorts of delicious oils, snacks, and even a few boozy samples.

Got a pork itch that needs scratching? Say no more. Luxury snack geniuses have brought together three stunning favours of pork scratchings for your pleasure. Choose from low & slow BBQ, marvellous maple, and perfectly salted.

Remember to order your calendar sooner rather than later because as we all know, time flies when you’re snacking.

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