Woman’s unique name is ‘optical illusion for ears’ – but it’s never said right

Woman’s unique name is ‘optical illusion for ears’ – but it’s never said right

April 16, 2023

A woman with a very unique name has shared her frustration whenever she greets people.

The TikToker, from Dallas in Texas, was given the special name by her parents and very often finds no one can say it correctly.

Sharing her experience, the 29-year-old said: "I'm gonna give you guys an impression of what it's like when I introduce myself to people for the first time and I hear my name for the first time.

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"This is always how it goes – Hi, what's your name?"

"'Hi my name is Cinthanie.' 'What?' 'My name is Cinthanie.'

"'Symphony? Like the orchestra?' 'No, Cinthanie.' 'Cynthia?'"

She said she can get so frustrated that sometimes she wants to shout at the person.

The conversation usually turned to asking her to spell out her name, before they eventually exclaimed: "Wow what a beautiful name!"

She then said: "And then they are never gonna remember it – end scene!"

Cinthanie McAllister told Daily Star her name has never gotten her into any trouble, but many get her confused with the likes of Tiffany, Symphony, Cynthia and Stephanie.

Cinthanie is not alone, as many viewers shared their similar stories in the comments.

One said: "When I say 'I'm Seri' to someone new, they usually respond with 'it's okay' – because they think I'm apologising for something even though we've never spoken."

"It's like an optical illusion for your ears!" a second remarked.

A third wrote: "My birth name is Mallory. I would get called Natalie, Melody, Melanie."

Out of the comments, Cinthanie also found people who share very similar names to her – inlcuding Cymphony and Synthoni.

She was happy that her post got all "unique named reunited" even though it "does get a little tiring sometimes".


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