Woman’s roast dinner brutally trolled as foodies compare it to ‘ruptured colon’

Woman’s roast dinner brutally trolled as foodies compare it to ‘ruptured colon’

September 27, 2021

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Us Brits are partial to a good roast – in both senses of the word.

Many of us tuck into meat and two veg on Sundays and also enjoy taking the Mickey out of each other.

On a popular Facebook page, called Rate my Plate, a picture of a "beef dinner" was submitted by a Rebecca H.

Unfortunately for the home cook, her classic dinner wasn't approved and the roast fell victim to a roast itself.

In the picture attached, the traditional British grub can be seen to be swimming in gravy – and it's left Facebook users in fits of giggles.

Included in the now viral dinner are a couple of very soggy Yorkshire puddings, a rather charred slice of beef and a single piece of broccoli.

The British dish sparked a storm as the post has now racked up 7,000 reactions and has received a whopping 20,000 comments.

Of course, people rushed to the comments to roast the roast in a very British manner.

One person commented:“Looks like a ruptured colon on a plate.”

Another user joked: “Looks dry, it could do with a little bit more gravy!”

A third person added to the roast: “Tell me hun, is the dog better now he's thrown up?”

Another jested: “GOT ME TRUNKS…AM GOING IN!!!!”

Meanwhile, a fifth person admitted: “On first glance I thought it was a curry not gravy.”

Someone else added: “Gravy tide came in, dinner was washed away.”

Let's hope Gordon Ramsey does not come across this dinner…

Head to the comment section to let us know what you thought about Rebecca’s roast!

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