Woman with rosacea suffers cruel taunts about going ‘swimming on first date’

Woman with rosacea suffers cruel taunts about going ‘swimming on first date’

December 26, 2021

An influencer who makes body positivity videos about living with rosacea has defied trolls who try to knock her confidence with cruel posts.

Rosacea, sometimes called "adult acne", is a skin condition characterised by redness and pimples on the cheeks, forehead, and nose.

Anja, who has rosacea on her cheeks, has been celebrating her natural beauty on her TikTok and Instagram accounts and encouraging other women to accept that everyone has some flaws.

In a recent video, she responded to a troll who criticised her for using makeup and cruelly told the influencer: "That's why you go swimming on the first date".

Not letting the bully win, Anja smiles in a follow-up video and applies blusher to her cheeks to show she doesn't care.

Another hateful comment she took a screenshot of reads: "Why TF [the f***] you look like this? I don't even look like this and I clean my face with just water."

"You should get it treated it's not attractive," wrote a third troll.

Someone else savagely said: "I'm not listening to someone whose skin looks like that."

"I feel bad for her skin," griped another bully.

Anja got supportive messages from her followers who thanked her for helping them battle their own insecurities.

One told her: "I feel so triggered reading those comments and I'm sorry you had to have those directed to you when you're deserving of only the best of what life has to offer."

A second commented: "People can never truly understand the weight of their words.

"You don't need anyone's approval but just to let you know, you are an inspiration."

Someone else said: "Bullies are the ones who are truly insecure! You're beautiful and your posts help so much!"

Another viewer said: "It's been a struggle trying to make peace with how my face looks and they're not making it easy.

"Belittling us with skin conditions just shows how ugly those people are under all that perfect skin."

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