Woman visits Tinder match’s house and sees police at door – but dates him anyway

Woman visits Tinder match’s house and sees police at door – but dates him anyway

December 9, 2021

A woman was freaked out when she arrived her date's house to find police cars pulling up around her and officers calling her date's name.

Abby Hoy said she met the man on Tinder and it wasn't her first time seeing him in person.

She had been to his house before so she felt safe going there.

"Gotta love when the red flags are screaming," the 29-year-old said in the viral TikTok video.

The clip shows her standing outside his house with all the blue and red flash lights beaming around her.

She takes a sip of a Red Bull and waits on the driveway, saying: "So like should I leave?"

Fans were shocked and some felt worried about Abby.

They told her to run and leave the place in case she got hurt.

"He's probably going to need bail money. Run!" one wrote.

A second said: "Babes, those red flags have big flashing red and white lights with sirens on! Run as fast as you can."

In the next clip, Abby gave an update and recalled how the officers ran up to his front door calling his first name.

"When I pulled into his driveway, several police cars pulled in around me and I got really scared," she said.

"But he is a paramedic! He happened to know all of the first responders working on scenes with them and he owns the house, rents out the second floor."

She went on to explain that the tenant living upstairs is an older guy and he happened to have called 911 before he passed out.

So the emergency workers asked her date if he had a master key but he didn't.

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Abby said her date told the first responders how to access from the kitchen window and scaled the side of the building and broke into the tenant's kitchen.

"He administered CPR until the ambulance arrived," she continued.

"It was very heroic and sexy, he might have a lot of red flags, this night was not among them."

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