Woman shows off unique wedding dress but people are all distracted by her shoes

Woman shows off unique wedding dress but people are all distracted by her shoes

August 7, 2023

A bride-to-be was overwhelmed when she shared her wedding outfit and received controversial comments about her shoes.

Tina found herself the perfect dress and a pair of what she called as "Cinderella-looking" heels.

She described the look as "unconventional" because she hated most of the standard options.

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"I'm not a big dress person, I was looking for something more contemporary and fashion forward, but not over the top," she explained in her video.

The garment is a tranparent-looking short-sleeve midi dress that's made of 100% silk organza.

Tina said she will be wearing a silk slip dress underneath — which gives her a simple and sophisticated look.

Staying on the "sheer" characteristic, Tina bought a pair of nude mesh mules.

"They very much remind me of a sort of Cinderella slipper, this nylon front that's a bit see-through and it has a narrow long toe, which is really flattering," she continued.

"I also love that they have this clear heel and that is very Cinderella looking.

"I got these babies like 80% off the original price, which is $945 (£552). Totally insane.

"I think they are really gorgeous though and perfect sort of wedding shoes."

Viewers were put off by the shoes when she tried them on, with one pointing out: "Why would you want to see your toes crammed into them? I don't get it."

"The shoes are a no for me, they make your feet look lumpy and not sleek," a second said.

A third dived straight in and said: "Those shoes are the ugliest thing I have seen in a long time."

Tina defended her choice and explained: "For the record, I was sharing to give inspiration to other alternative brides.

"Not to solicit opinions from stranger who don't know my taste, thanks."

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