Woman shamed by brutal note saying £12k car ‘makes street look like Beirut’

Woman shamed by brutal note saying £12k car ‘makes street look like Beirut’

May 12, 2021

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A woman was fuming when a local resident shamed her car for “bringing down the neighbourhood”.

Julia, from the Isle of Wight, found an angry note on the wind-screen of her Skoda motor.

The anonymous letter, which went viral on Facebook, reads: “I hope you don’t mind, but would you kindly not park your vehicle on this road please?

“This is a nice respectable road and it now looks like Beirut.

“We don’t drive vehicles so perhaps you could in the future park it somewhere more appropriate. Like the DUMP.”

Julia, a Feng Shui coach, was understandably annoyed by the snobby message.

She shared a picture of the note on social media, writing: “What the f**k! Because my car isn't a show off Range Rover or some other 4×4 for popping the kids to and from school.

“Call all my island friends with slightly rougher, but much loved looking vehicles.

“Pop over to Littlestairs Road in Shanklin and give these t*****s a taste of what Beirut might look like.”

The post got a lot of attention on Facebook, where commenters sprang to Julia’s defence.

One responder asked: “Is that for real?”

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Another said: "I think you should keep parking there, install a dash cam to see who keeps coming to put a note.

“Alternatively, can the residents maybe pay for new ‘worthy’ car for you instead?”

And a third admitted: “This has made my day Julia.

“It is extremely funny but so sad to see the sort of privilege the people that wrote this came from.”

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