Woman says backhanded compliment is sign you have ‘pretty privilege’

Woman says backhanded compliment is sign you have ‘pretty privilege’

January 6, 2022

Ever wondered if people treat you better because of the way you look?

A woman shared a subtle sign of "pretty privilege" that not many people know about.

Olivia Paulsen, from US, dropped the "truth bomb" on TikTok and urged her followers to look out for a comment from strangers.

If you're used to be judged for being "b*tchy" due to your appearance, people probably think you are attractive.

She explained in a short video: "If you have pretty privilege at least one time in your life, you would have heard 'Oh my God I thought you were such a b**** and then I met you, you were so nice'."

While some viewers found it shocking, with one saying: "Wow I've heard that but didn't know that was pretty privilege!"

Others backed Olivia's theory on TikTok.

One commenter added: "My sister has pretty-privileged and this happened to her a lot in middle and high school."

A third shared her experience: "At a party of this girl introducing me to another said 'Oh my God she's literally so nice, she's not mean at all'."

But some were confused and questioned if the comment was related to pretty privilege.

"I lost count how many times I heard this, not sure if it's an insult of a compliment now after seeing this video," one viewer wrote.

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A second added: "Definitely nothing to do with pretty privilege. You all can say anything you want."

"Pretty sure I just have a resting b**** face," another commented.

One TikToker said she noticed she was getting perks when she lost weight and became pretty.

"It can be little subtle things you wouldn’t notice,” Mermaid Keels explained in a video.

"Not being charged for that extra drink or dessert at a restaurant, or having someone offering to put the air in your tires instead of seeing you struggle doing it."

“And you can say, ‘Oh my God, maybe people are just good’ or, ‘Maybe people are doing a good deed’ and I’m with you, they’re doing a good deed, but why didn’t they do a good deed when I was 257lb?" she asked.

“All of a sudden, all of these good deeds start happening to me the moment I looked like this.

"I went from one good deed happening to me a year, to 10 of them happening to me in a week!"

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