Woman leaves oven spotless with ‘jaw-dropping’ cleaning hack using £1 item

Woman leaves oven spotless with ‘jaw-dropping’ cleaning hack using £1 item

January 19, 2021

A cleaning fanatic has revealed how she left her oven gleaming just by using a £1 product.

Ellie Bav, 23, shared the cleaning video on TikTok after getting frustrated at the mess her housemates had left the appliance.

The layer of oil stain on the oven door was so thick that viewers mistook it as a "leather sofa" or a "burnt cake".

In the clip viewed more than 100,000 times, Ellie scoops a handful of Pink Stuff cleaning paste using a scrubber and scrubs it over the stain and burnt marks on the glass door.

She leaves it for some time to allow the chemicals to activate, then wipes it off with a wet towel.

The pink clay-like cleaning paste works wonders and removes all the grime and grease from the surface.

The oven looks as good as new after a final quick spray of water.

One viewer saw the impressive transformation and said: "When I saw my jaw dropped!"

"Oh my God!" another wrote. "Shiny cleaning."

A third commented: "I think I must be using the Pink Stuff wrong. I never get results like this."

Meanwhile, a mum shared an easy way to remove the dirt in the oven without scrubbing.

She used a little window scraper to peel the dirt off the glass panel and the result is amazing in just a few minutes.

A professional cleaner left viewers begging for her secret cleaning formula when she shared a video of her effortlessly "stripping" off the grease and dirt in one wipe.

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