Woman humiliated as roofer left SEVEN-MINUTE voicemail insulting her

Woman humiliated as roofer left SEVEN-MINUTE voicemail insulting her

March 18, 2021

Woman, 27, with fibromyalgia is left humiliated after roofer left her a SEVEN-MINUTE voicemail branding her ‘a lazy slob’ who ‘isn’t pretty anymore’

  • Daisy Mae Spain, 27, from the Wirral, had the tradesman cover vents in her roof
  • Minutes after leaving, he sent her a seven-minute long voicemail insulting her
  • Claimed after seeing photo on an app that ‘she used to be pretty but isn’t now’ 
  • Daisy Mae text to say how ‘unprofessional and nasty’ he was on the voicemail
  • She said she has fibromyalgia, which has left her struggling with her mobility

A woman was left feeling humiliated after a roofer unwittingly left her a voicemail insulting her appearance and blasting her as a ‘lazy slob’. 

Daisy Mae Spain, 27, says she received the seven-minute voicemail just minutes after the workman left her home last month. 

In the shocking voicemail, the man, who was recommended to Daisy Mae on an app, can be heard insulting her appearance, claiming that ‘she used to be pretty, but she isn’t now’. 

The tradesman also blasted her as a ‘lazy slob’ after her visited her home on the Wirral, Merseyside.    

Daisy Mae Spain (pictured), 27, from the Wirral, had the tradesman cover vents in her roof and minutes after he left, he left a seven-minute long voicemail saying how she ‘used to be pretty but isn’t now’ and calling her a ‘lazy slob’ 

Daisy Mae said: ‘I was looking for someone to come and cover my vents in the roof because last year, some birds nested in the loft.

‘I love animals and when one bird got left behind, I ended up nurturing it until it could be freed. I just didn’t want birds nesting in the loft again.

‘He didn’t come in, I met him at the door and pointed up. I had my joggers on and my hair in a bun because we’re in a lockdown and that’s what he’s judged me on because he didn’t come inside.

‘As he left, he called to make sure it was my number but forgot to hang up. He said he’d seen my photo on the app and I used to be stunning but I’m not anymore.

‘It was really hurtful, it just wasn’t nice to hear and it was really strange because he was about 60 and I thought he was a nice older man.

Daisy Mae was left feeling humiliated and quickly text the handyman to confront him as she called it ‘unprofessional and nasty’, adding she has a disability which caused her to struggle with her mobility and gain weight 

The Ann Summers team ambassador said the incident knocked her confidence, but she perked back up after a few days, realising the tradesman ‘doesn’t matter’ as she won the Womann Summers 2021 award, which is her proudest achievements 

‘He just shouldn’t have been making comments about my appearance.

‘I have fibromyalgia, so my mobility is restricted, and everyone has put on a couple of pounds over the past few months.

What is fibromyalgia? 

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition defined by widespread pain and fatigue.

It affects up to 2.7 per cent of people worldwide, with three women suffering for every one man, studies suggest.

Fibromyalgia is often triggered by a trauma, such as a car accident or childbirth, as well as infections. Why this occurs is unclear.

The discomfort tends to be felt as aches and burning from head-to-toe and the fatigue ranges from feeling sleepy to the exhaustion of having the flu. Severe sufferers are often unable to work or socialise. 

The pain can be worse at some times than others and may change location, such as becoming more severe in parts of the body that are used the most.

Other symptoms can include headaches; IBS; diarrhoea or constipation; poor concentration; dizziness; allergies and stimuli sensitivity, such as to light or heat.

Studies suggest the average patient waits five years to be diagnosed, which is thought to be due to X-rays and other medical tests not picking the condition up.

It is generally defined as pain that lasts for more than three months and affects 11 or more out of 18 tender points when pressed. Treatment aims to relieve pain and aid sleep.

Source: Fibromyalgia Action UK  

‘I have autism so I’m socially awkward and usually let my husband answer the door. I really regretted answering it.’

Daisy Mae was left feeling humiliated and quickly text the handyman to confront him to which he responded with an apology.

Daisy Mae said: ‘I called him and just told him that I’d heard the voicemail and heard him call me a lazy slob and I didn’t want him coming to the house but he didn’t say anything so I hung up and text him saying how unprofessional he’d been.

‘I was so angry. He text back saying he was sorry and felt ashamed and he obviously was but it didn’t take away what he’d said.

‘It really affected my self-esteem. It knocked my confidence and I really dipped for a few days. I felt like I needed to change myself completely.’

However, the incident was a turning point for Daisy Mae, who says she’s feeling more confident than ever after becoming even more successful at work as an Ann Summers team ambassador.

She said: ‘After a few days I perked back up and realised that he doesn’t matter, I have an amazing husband who absolutely loves me and I won the Woman Summers 2021 award which is my proudest achievement. It doesn’t matter what an old man thinks.

‘Women don’t need to be accepted by others, they just need to accept themselves and love every part of themselves.’

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