Woman horrified at Airbnb’s never-ending house rules – including ‘no jumping’

Woman horrified at Airbnb’s never-ending house rules – including ‘no jumping’

June 30, 2023
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    A woman had her holiday mood ruined when she checked into an Airbnb and found countless rules displayed in the house.

    Becky Navarro booked a rental home in Wimberley, Texas, for a weekend vacation last week.

    She posted a video to show the house rules displayed in the house, which left viewers joking it was an "Airbnb museum".

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    "Is there a cap on how many rules can be displayed at Airbnbs?" Becky asked as she gave a house tour.

    Starting from the living room, she saw a card hanging on a wooden cupboard, which holds several jute baskets.

    The card read: "Antique and fragile. Please do not attempt to open or pull on knobs."

    In a bedroom, she found a room divider and a full A4-sized note which read: "Decorative piece only.

    "Do not touch or move for any reason. I am 10,000 years old and will break if you look at me the wrong way."

    And right above the wooden frame bed, she found another note, warning: "Absolutely no jumping on beds.

    "Any breakage of beds will be immediately passed to renters."

    There were multiple labels sticking on the shelves marked as "owners use only" — meaning Becky won't be able to use the bronze pots.

    She found more notes including a cleaning instruction for a marble top counter.

    And a reminder to "be kind and use placemats" on a wooden table because it was from the owner's grandmother.

    A "do not touch" label was displayed on two pots of cacti.

    The owner even put a sticker by the door handle saying: "Do not turn lever."

    Viewers were put off by all the labels and signs, with one saying: "I will just stay in a hotel, thanks."

    "I think they are in the wrong business, they are meant to open a museum," another expressed.

    A third suggested: "I know where you are, you're staying in the Karen Inn."

    Becky said the notes were in every room and every surface she could possibly find.

    She added: "The rules displayed all over the house just killed me. It almost felt like it wasn't a vacation with so many rules."

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