Woman has ‘rare’ extremely long big toe and it’s freaking people out

Woman has ‘rare’ extremely long big toe and it’s freaking people out

April 4, 2021

A woman suffering from an "extremely rare" giant big toe left a doctor gobsmacked as he admitted he'd never seen anything like it.

Long-suffering Anna Tantillo appeared on TLC's My Feet Are Killing Me where she explained that the supersized toe had been causing her endless pain.

She told Doctor Brad Schaeffer it "hurts really bad" and saw the TV show as her "last option" to get the big toe fixed before it causes even worse problems.

The camera zooms in and it appears the big toe on her right foot is almost twice the length of the second-longest toe next to it.

Amazingly, the big toe on her left foot is even longer and completely dwarfs the others.

Looking surprised, Dr Brad took off her shoes and examined her feet and explained it was serious and could lead to complications.

He said: "When you have a foot where your toe is, like, double the size that jamming in a shoe, every step you take.

"That's going to cause arthritis, that's going to create jamming of the joints, and it's going to cause pain every step."

Speaking to the cameras after confronting the big toe he said "That is definitely something.

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"Her toe kind of pops right out at you.

"I've personally never seen a patient that has this long of a big toe. It's extremely rare."

The same episode also featured twins who had identical bunions that were desperately in need of corrective surgery and it got a lot of attention on Twitter.

One viewer commented: "My Feet Are Killing me on TLC. What the F am I watching?"

A second person tweeted: "My client put me on to My feet are killing me on TLC and omg people have serious foot issues."

Someone else confessed: "Don’t hate me. I’m watching #MyFeetAreKillingMe on @TLC so gross but I can’t look away!"

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