Woman gets ‘life-changing’ face transformation after pushed into depression -now modelling

Woman gets ‘life-changing’ face transformation after pushed into depression -now modelling

October 31, 2021

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Susan had struggled with her physical appearance her whole life, especially due to the shape of her nose. Her looks even pushed her into depression after being bullied for many years in school. Thankfully, she finally managed to change her entire life completely.

Susan explained: “I started my transformation in the recent two years. I have had filler injections done by The Aesthetics Room multiple times on multiple parts of my face, including my lips, cheeks, jawline and chin.

“I have also had a rhinoplasty surgery (aka nose job) which I think made the greatest difference in my look!” she said.

Susan explained her looks made her struggle with her mental health severely.

“The earliest memory I have of becoming insecure about my body was when I was in primary school and I was getting bullied for my features which I wasn’t aware even made me that different to other kids,” she said.

“And going to high school was not any better- hitting puberty already has an emotional and physical toll on teenagers, never mind having that early push into depression.

“The bullying carried on in high school and my insecurities kept growing- by 18 I was on antidepressants and I was an adult who knew she was ready to commit to a permanent change,” Susan admitted.

“I finally got my rhinoplasty and as soon as I recovered within two and three months, I felt like a new person in a wonderful way, as if this was the face I knew I belonged to in the first place.

“A year later and my nose was fully healed and the true final result of the surgery had shown itself, and I could not be happier!”

Susan explained: “The filler injections by The Aesthetics Room are also a huge part of my beauty transformation, they gave me the natural plumpness in my lips that I lacked, nobody can even tell I have fillers in my lips because of how natural they look for my face shape.

“At the beginning of my journey with filler injections I was so excited after my first one ml of lip filler that I went back to The Aesthetics Room and told them I wanted more filler, but they refused to add more and explained to me that I should not go overboard and ruin the natural look I had achieved with their technique, for which I am now incredibly grateful.

“And the process of all these treatments was not painful at all.

“A lot of people ask me if I could turn back time would I do it all again? And to that I always say, absolutely a 100 times over I would.”

Susan admitted she used to feel so uncomfortable with her appearance she’d find tricks to try and hide her nose.

“I contoured my nose all the time and only took photos in certain angles I was more comfortable with whereas now I take photos all the time and without caring about the angle because I feel so pretty.

“I leave the house without makeup more often now too!”

Susan explained her life has completely changed.

“I have never felt so confident with my body, I feel pretty all the time, from the moment I wake up to when I put my makeup on and get dressed to when I’m wiping it all off in the evenings- I feel beautiful.

“I felt confident enough to start modelling for some great clothing brands and makeup artists, and to also start my own youtube channel!

“Everyone always told me I don’t need these procedures done, and I agreed with them, I still do, but it was what I wanted!

“They supported me with every decision I made and were happy for me that I had gained so much confidence as a result,” she said.

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