Woman fuming after buying makeup for Secret Santa – and getting fruit back

Woman fuming after buying makeup for Secret Santa – and getting fruit back

December 12, 2022

Christmas is often thought to be a time of 'giving not receiving' – but one woman is starting to have regrets about that.

Monique signed up for her the work Secret Santa and believed she put the effort into the anonymous present.

However, she feels like the gesture was not equally returned.

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Having spent her hard earned cash on some beauty products for her colleague, Monique received a bag of fruit.

And understandably, she was left less than impressed.

In a TikTok clip that racked up 3.3million views, Monique told of her disappointment over her rather healthy gift.

"This is why I don't play Secret Santa", she explained and shared what she got her chosen work mate.

From a gift bag Monique pulled out a Fenty Beauty mascara, a face serum sample and some Lanolips Jellybalm.

Her thoughtful beauty bundle collectively cost around £30.

But sadly, it didn't look like her Secret Santa put in as much thought.

Monique then revealed the pieces of fruit she was gifted in a brown paper bag.

Her present included a banana, an apple, an orange – and, of course, some decorative tissue paper.

"First gift is what I gave my Secret Santa second is what I got, I hate it here", Monique blasted in the caption.

Many people agreed with the TikToker – and some even related to the 'embarrassing' gifting related incident.

One person commented: "Honestly, I would have taken my gift back for real."

Another user added: "Yep. I’m convinced people sign up for secret Santa for free stuff because this happens so often."

While a third voiced: "I only do Secret Santa if there’s a budget and a wish list involved, otherwise I’ll pass."

Someone else said: "How embarrassing!

"I would confront them and ask for their Secret Santa gift in exchange for what she gave you."

Meanwhile, a fifth person slammed: "People are greedy sometimes. They’ll get the cheapest thing and more than likely walk away with a better gift."


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