Woman fed up of men staring at her natural 32E boobs gets ‘life-changing’ op

Woman fed up of men staring at her natural 32E boobs gets ‘life-changing’ op

May 3, 2022

A woman who got fed up of her friends and strangers constantly staring at her chest has finally got plastic surgery.

Maddi Andrews, 21, recalls being an "early boomer" with her boobs reaching a 32E cup size when she was just 18 years old.

The small business owner, from Australia, loved her "larger" breasts, but it got too much when the pain kept her up at night.

She struggled to keep her posture straight and couldn't do basic physical activities like exercising, with her neck always sore.

Alongside the pain, Maddi began feeling insecure and started hiding away in baggy clothes to avoid the comments and stares.

The Aussie said: "Nothing fit or looked good on my body.

"Meanwhile my friends could just wear a bralette or walk into any store and buy a bra so easily."

She added: "[At first], I loved the attention but that grew old once my breasts reached their full size, as they became my focal point.

"I was the 'friend with big boobs' who people would come up and grope or claim their envy of them.

"I would smile but on the inside I'd ask myself: 'Is this all people see of me? Am I only attractive because of my boobs?'"

Feeling self-conscious about her shape, Maddi avoided low-cut tops that others might seem as "sleazy".

The mental distress eventually got so bad that she would only take her top layers off around her boyfriend.

But earlier this year she decided to take matters into her own hands, getting a referral for a breast reduction.

In February 2022, she went under the knife paying over £3,375 ($6,000 AUD) to go to a 32C cup size – and now she has no regrets.

Maddi recently uploaded her results on TikTok, where she herself would watch others' experiences and relate to their struggles.

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She said: "[I'm now] pain free – absolutely no pain anymore on my neck, shoulders or back.

"I feel an unconditional love for myself now too.

"I literally don't think twice now about what I wear in my day-to-day life and when I go to the shops it's such a peaceful experience.

"I feel so much more like myself – in proportion and confidence."

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Now in a bid to make others feel less alone, she shared her transformation on TikTok where it garnered 679,000 views.

In the clip, Maddi begins by showing her breasts while wearing a crop top before cutting to a shot of her prior to surgery.

The final part she pulls her top to reveal her new, smaller breasts while sporting a smile on her face.

While some supported her decision, others have been quick to judge with one writing: "What a loss."

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