Widowed mom finds love with Romanian TikTok stripper on 90 Day Fiancée

Widowed mom finds love with Romanian TikTok stripper on 90 Day Fiancée

June 8, 2023

Widowed mother, 31, whose husband died of stage 4 cancer after desperate eight-month battle to get a diagnosis reveals she has found love again with a Romanian STRIPPER – as their unique romance is captured on 90 Day Fiancé

  • Amanda, 31, fell in love with the Romanian TikToker after meeting him online
  • Her Bucharest beau, Razvan, 26, also identifies as a model and singer
  • The two initially connected four months after Amanda’s husband passed 

A 31-year-old widow whose husband died of stage 4 cancer has finally found happiness once again – in the arms of a 26-year-old Romanian stripper who she met online. 

Mother-of-two Amanda Wilhelm’s tragic story – and her quest to find love again – is featured in the Season 6 debut of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. 

The season premiere chronicles her courtship with 26-year-old Razvan Ciocoi, who also identifies as a model, singer, personal trainer and entertainer.

The story arc traces her journey from devastated widow – following the sudden loss of her husband to a rare, aggressive form of cancer in March 2022 – to a hopeful, would-be newlywed on the eve of meeting her online beau in real life.

Amanda Wilhelm, 31, and Razvan Ciocoi, 26, are among the couples featured on the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Razvan, an avid TikToker, identifies as a model, singer and entertainer – with stripping falling under the latter

Amanda explains that her Bucharest beau’s flirtatious behavior on social media has been a point of ongoing tension between the pair

‘He’s super sweet, and he’s just one of those people that will do anything for somebody that he loves,’ Amanda, a native of Louisiana, gushed of Razvan, who lives in Bucharest.

‘He makes me laugh all the time,’ she added. 

As for their meet-cute, the pair virtually connected after Amanda’s friend was competing with a mystery man in a livestream challenge – and beating him at every go-round.

Amand couldn’t help but notice how ‘the guy who lost was being so silly.’

She found his shenanigans charming enough to send him a rose, which cost less than $1, through TikTok.

It wasn’t long before Razvan replied, thanking her for the digital gift.

The sweet exchange set in motion an increasingly intense – albeit totally online – back-and-forth between the two. 

‘I told Razvan really early on that I was a widow. And he truly has been someone I can lean on, and he’s talked me through some of my worst days,’ Amanda said of the emotionally supportive rapport the pair has developed.

Amanda lost her late husband, Jason Wilhelm, to a rare, aggressive form of cancer

Amanda shares Aleena, 7, and Jason Jr., 4, with her late husband

 The two were married for eight years before Jason’s passing

On the show, as Amanda is gearing up to fly to Bucharest to meet Razvan, she says their relationship has been going on for four months.

In that short time, however, the duo have already encountered some rough patches, breaking up ‘a few times.’

At one point, Amanda tried to end things after catching him during a livestream asking a woman to shower with her clothes on – sans bra.

And yet. she continued, ‘Each time we only end up getting back together.’

She later confesses to her sister, Amber, that she expects Razvan to propose amidst meeting face-to-face for the first time in Bucharest, before her return to the states.

Amber, in turn, called the notion ‘crazy,’ and voiced concern that her sister’s judgement was still clouded by grief.

For her part, Amanda did admit to feeling ‘some guilt being with Razvan so soon’ after losing her husband, Jason, in March 2022. 

She’d initially connected with the TikToker some four months after Jason’s death death. 

Amanda fought back tears while describing her late husband’s final days

Prior to his passing, Jason went to the doctor complaining of lung problems, according to Amanda. But nothing showed up on subsequent tests.

It took eight months before he finally got a diagnosis – of Stage 4 terminal ampullary cancer. 

The doctor gave him a ‘best-case scenario’ of three months to live.

Amanda, fighting back tears, said that Jason passed away in the hospital 10 days later.

She shares Aleena, 7, and Jason Jr., 4, with her late husband. 

‘When Jason was sick, he had told me he wanted me to find love again and move on,’ Amanda emphasized. ‘He was like, “It’s not fair for you to live your life alone.”‘

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