Which sexy party undies really banish wobbly bits?

Which sexy party undies really banish wobbly bits?

December 6, 2018

With stretchy lace and secret panels, they claim to create a seductively smooth silhouette, but which sexy party undies really banish wobbly bits?

  • Fiona McIntosh gave her verdict on the latest ‘contour lingerie’ from UK stores
  • She says Spanx leggings are great for avoiding bottom and thigh wobble
  • She suggests pairing the leather-look leggings with a long shirt and heels 
  • Fiona recommends Fantasie Jacqueline lace body for an hourglass silhouette 

Anyone who’s spent an evening barely able to move, eat or breathe properly because of the vicious cling of control underwear can let out a sigh of relief.

Those big, flesh-coloured passion-killers, made famous by Bridget Jones, have now been replaced by control underwear that’s so pretty, colourful and featherlight, it won’t leave you gasping for air or send men running for the hills.

‘Thankfully, we’ve moved on a long way from 1999 when Spanx first hit the market,’ says Kelly Dunmore, chief lingerie stylist for Rigby & Peller. ‘In fact we don’t like to use the terms shapewear or control underwear any more, we prefer the term “contouring”.’

Fiona McIntosh gave her verdict on a selection of lingerie for a flattering appearance underneath party wear. She says Next’s bra and pants set (pictured) smooths hips and can be worn underneath a strapless gown 

The new generation of ‘contour lingerie’ uses lighter and softer fabric mixes and stretch lace and mesh panels to smooth over (rather than squash down) lumps. So it is not only more comfy, but does away with that dreaded fat roll at the waist and thighs.

Many knickers now come with a thick polymide and elastane mix ‘control’ panel only where you need it — across the tummy or bottom — while bras have control contouring at the sides rather than digging-in wiring.

One of the most popular innovations is the all-in-one shapewear body. ‘Wear it as a top under jackets or dresses with plunging necklines,’ says Jenni Burt, head of buying at Figleaves.

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The strapless wonder

Pants £20, bra £28, Next

Fiona says: You’ll get high-voltage support from this foam-padded, bust-enhancing bra from Next. With a wide strap to smooth the back, it comes with removable shoulder straps so it can be worn under a strapless gown. The matching blush-coloured control pants are a pretty, lightweight stretch mesh to smooth hips, tummy and thighs. Great value, too.

Wobble rating: 4/5

The hourglass honer

Fantasie Jacqueline lace body, £63, figleaves.com

Fiona recommends Fantasie Jacqueline lace body (pictured) for the illusion of an hourglass figure as it holds in the tummy without creating fat rolls 

Fiona says: The built-in underwired bra delivers proper support for bigger cup sizes, while the stretch silk-and-lace body nips you in at the waist and holds in the tummy without creating unwanted fat rolls. A bestseller, and no wonder.

Wobble rating: 4/5 (barely any)

Wobble-free wiggle

Marie Jo L’Aventure skirt, £61, at Rigby & Peller; bra, £28, Next

Fiona says Marie Jo L’Aventure skirt (pictured) contours thighs and bottom when worn beneath any dress or skirt 

Fiona says: For extra help around the thighs and bottom, try this contouring underskirt beneath any dress or skirt. Rising to the ribcage, it gives a seamless line and can be teamed with any bra.

Wobble rating: 4.5/5 

Date night surprise

Bra, £40, and pants, £22.50, wacoallingerie.com

Fiona recommends this set from wacoallingerie.com (pictured) for a comfortable date night

Fiona says: Red underwear is such a cliché, but this deliciously soft mesh set from Wacoal is a million miles from cheap and scratchy red lace. The pants have ultra-light mesh panels with flat seams, and come with a non-slip waistband to stop them rolling down when you don’t want them to.

Wobble rating: 3.5/5

Slip with benefits

Simone Perele shaper, £106.95, from Rigby & Peller

Fiona says Simone Perele shaper (pictured) works wonders on a muffin top 

Fiona says: This clever, reversible (with a different depth neckline front and back), contour-hugging dress is basically a slip with extra benefits. The thick polymide/elastane fabric works wonders on a muffin top, but you can still breathe and enjoy food while wearing it.

Wobble rating: 4.5/5

Floaty dress favourite

Forest green bralette, £42 and shorts, £34, Spanx at net-a-porter.com

Fiona recommends this set from Spanx (pictured) for wearing floaty dresses

Fiona says: This delicate set has a far less structured silhouette than the Spanx of old. The pants have stretch lace panels at the sides and thicker elastane panels where you need them — across the tummy and bottom — with no visible panty line. The bra has replaced underwiring with thicker panels at the sides to nudge the breasts forward and straps which can be adjusted to a halterneck.

Wobble rating: 3.5/5

Lean leg whittler

Spanx leggings, £94, Selfridges; bra £28, Next; silk shirt, £175, railsclothing.com

Fiona was impressed with Spanx leggings (pictured) for their ability to compress legs

Fiona says: You can see why these leather-look leggings from Spanx, complete with biker-stitching, have been flying off the shelves. They compress the legs to such a degree, they cut any bottom and thigh wobble. Yet they have a high-cut, softer stretch waistline so they avoid the dreaded fat roll. Team with a long shirt and heels. 

Wobble rating: 5/5 

Stretchy smoother

Wolford mesh body, £133, and bra, £42, at Rigby & Peller

Fiona says Wolford mesh body (pictured) smooths the waist and tummy area 

Fiona says: This Gossamer-light stretch tulle body has a scooped front so it sits beneath a bra, gently smoothing the waist and tummy. It is sublimely comfortable, thanks to its velvet edging. The bra, with support at the sides, is perfect for smaller busts.

Wobble rating: 3.5/5

Chic curve cradler

Bra, £20, pants, £22.50, Marks & Spencer

Fiona says: The bra comes with moulded foam cups for extra support, and a wide, comfortable mesh back strap smoothes any wobbles there. The pants are cut high for a waist-cinching, seamless finish.

Wobble rating: 4/5

Fiona says this set from M &S (pictured) delivers a seamless finish without any wobbles

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