Where to shop for the BEST value Christmas dinner

Where to shop for the BEST value Christmas dinner

December 5, 2018

Where to shop for the BEST value Christmas dinner according to Good Housekeeping – and you’ll pay almost £20 more to feed a family of eight at Waitrose than at Aldi

  • Good Housekeeping revealed the cost of producing a Christmas dinner for eight 
  • Compared the prices of 10 supermarkets to with Aldi working out cheapest
  • Waitrose was the most expensive of the stores with M&S coming a close second 

Hosting Christmas dinner can be an expensive affair what with purchasing a turkey big enough to feed the whole family let alone the trimmings.

However, dependent on where you shop feeding a group of eight could cost you as little as £3.30 a head according to Good Housekeeping.

The magazine has pitted British supermarkets against each other to work out where you can get the most turkey for your buck.

In its annual report the Good Housekeeping Institute compared the priced of ten leading chains, totting up the cost of 11 turkey dinner essentials, enough to feed a family of eight, for each. 

The Good Housekeeping institute has revealed which supermarkets are offering the cheapest Christmas dinners this year 

The store with the cheapest offering is Aldi who, despite it’s Christmas dinner costing 70p more than last year, came in at £26.43, just £3.30 per head. 

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Meanwhile Waitrose was the priciest of all the supermarkets with a grand total of £43.98, equating to £5.49 per guest. 

GHI points out that while three supermarkets, Co-op, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, were cheaper the remaining seven had gone up in price. 

The magazine compared the prices of ten leading supermarkets, totting up the cost of 11 turkey dinner essentials to feed eight guests with Aldi coming in cheapest at £3.30 per head

Waitrose was the most expensive of all of the supermarkets costing £43.98 for the ingredients working out at £5.50 per head 

This follows the news in October that the poor bout of weather, known as the Beast from the East had caused Christmas dinner prices to sky rocket.


1. Aldi £26.43 – £3.30 per head

2. Lidl £28.22 – £3.53

3. Asda £31.24 – £3.90

4. Tesco £31.43 – £3.93

5. Co-op £31.72 – £3.97

6. Morrisons £33.24 – £4.20

7. Iceland £34.33 – £4.29

8. Sainsbury’s £34.50 – £4.31

9. M&S £39.22 – £4.90

10. Waitrose £43.98 – £5.50

Many farmers are reporting disappointing yields from their crops, with the wholesale cost of potatoes up by 186 per cent compared to this time last year.

Wholesale prices for other staples for Christmas meals such as carrots, parsnips and Brussels sprouts are all around 50 per cent up, while cabbage is up 8 per cent.

But there is better news for cauliflower lovers – with costs down 15 per cent, according to data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The rises in the wholesale costs of vegetables will not necessarily be passed on at the same level to consumers in the shops – but some increase is very likely. 

The Beast from the East in late February and early March brought widespread travel disruption to Britain as heavy snow fell and temperatures fell to 11F (-12C).   

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