When Do Urban Decay’s New Brow Tools Drop? 6 New Products Are Here To Amp Up Your Arches

When Do Urban Decay’s New Brow Tools Drop? 6 New Products Are Here To Amp Up Your Arches

January 8, 2019

Okay, so Urban Decay is officially making 2019 the year during which you have no excuse but to step up your brow game. They’re dropping a casual six new products that are all about brows, so you’re almost guaranteed find a winner that will help you master the look you want. When will Urban Decay’s new brow tools drop, you ask? They’ll be available on Jan. 15 at a myriad of stores and sites, so you’ll have more than one way to snag your new favorite brow product, thank goodness. Before we talk specifics, though, let’s take a peek at the lineup, so you can start daydreaming about all the looks you’ll serve after determining which tool is right for you.

First up is the new Double Down Brow, which comes packaged in a small, rectangular compact (with a mirror!) and includes two shades of brow putty, with which you can scult realistic, multi-dimensional brows. This stuff is waterproof and smudgeproof, and while it’s heavy duty indeed, the putty-to-powder formula won’t look or feel heavy on the eyebrows at all. There will be seven shade duos to choose from, and at $28, you’re basically getting two products for the price of one. Score.

Here’s the Double Down Brow in shade "Taupe Trap":

Next up is a dual-ended dream. Meet the Brow Blade, part ink stain, part waterproof pencil, all wonderful. Available in seven shades at $20 apiece, this product promises results on par with the ever-popular microblading process — we’re talking hair-thin strokes and a realistic finish, aka all you could ask for and more. The key to making the most of both sides lies in first using the pencil to fill in sparse areas, then flicking the liner-like ink stain to create "hairs" that mimic the real thing.

Why splurge on microblading when the Brow Blade, seen here in shade "Gingersnap," costs a fraction of the price?

If, like me, you can’t live without a spoolie while shaping brows, you’ll probably favor the Brow Beater, a pencil with a super-fine tip and a spoolie brush at the other end. Available in four shades for $20 apiece, this product is self-sharpening, so between the always-on-point tip and the spoolie for shaping, it’s your ultimate pick for touching up brows while on the go.

Here’s the Brow Beater in all its "Neutral Brown" glory:

Moving right along, the new Brow Endowed, is a brow volumizer for anyone still fawning over brushed-up brow looks like those popularized by Cara Delevingne in recent years. I mean, I know I am, which is why this two-sided savior at $26 seems like a pretty great deal. Brow Endowed comes in seven shades with a pinky nude primer at the other end of the tool, and after prepping brows with a swipe of said primer, you can go in with the colored side to tint and intensify to your heart’s content.

Other basic brow gels are no match for this two-step tool, seen here in "Café Kitty":

If you’ve already got Delevingne-level brow game without filling in, you only really need a brow gel to set your style into place; cue the Brow Finish in two shades at $20, which will give hairs serious hold for up to 16 hours without looking or feeling stiff and crunchy. Clear "Ozone" will undoubtedly be a crowd favorite, but risk-takers can try out "Midnight Cowboy," a subtly shimmering shade, for a little extra oomph.

I’m honestly so here for the "Midnight Cowboy" version — achieving great brows is hard, let’s make it fun with some glitter!

Say you splurge on all these violet-packaged brow products, dead set on making 2019 your year for beautiful brows, but you still don’t know where to begin as far as what your dream brows should be shaped like. Not everyone wants to visit a brow professional for tips on what shape to try out, and I totally get that, so consider the Brow Guide your at-home specialist for just $12. This set contains eight sets of reusable stencils in one of the eight styles of your choosing, and all you need to do is slap one on and then use one of your other UD brow tools to fill in and achieve a well-defined brow. The stencil shapes were designed in collaboration with Audrey Glass, who is hailed as Los Angeles’ most popular microblading artist, so I can almost guarantee you’ll find one you love.

TY, Audrey Glass, for doing the dirty work for us:

Honestly, I don’t know which style I like best, "The Beau" seems like a safe place to start:

If you’re interested in snagging any of Urban Decay’s new brow tools, they’ll launch on the Urban Decay website on January 15, and be available there as well as on QVC, Sephora online and in stores, Ulta online and in stores, and Macy’s online and in select stores.

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