What’s on TV: Saturday, December 7

What’s on TV: Saturday, December 7

December 1, 2019

Behind The Sash

10Peach, 1.30pm

It feels a bit mean to criticise a show that's clearly so well-intentioned, but despite its best efforts there remains a fundamental conflict at the heart of Behind the Sash. The concept is that a group of glamorous besties travel Australia and the world looking for the next Mrs Australia – and shining a light on social issues at the same time. But turning up in full hair and makeup with a camera crew and striking poses – then going on to talk about, say, indigenous suicide, leaves a bitter taste. This episode is a little more benign, looking at getting people with special needs involved in the arts.

Lisa and her daughter Sarah were both finalists in the Mrs Australia pageant in 2017.Credit:Geoff Jones

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