What’s my Midheaven sign? What your Midheaven means for your career

What’s my Midheaven sign? What your Midheaven means for your career

December 9, 2020

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

The Midheaven is in the tenth house of your birth chart. Your first chart is determined by where your rising sign is, and you can count 10 steps away from there to find your MC. The Midheaven can help you figure out what your destiny and life’s trajectory is when it comes to your career and purpose. Express.co.uk reveals what your Midheaven sign reveals about you.

If you aren’t an astrology geek and don’t know your birth chart off by heart, you can easily look it up online.

It’s always at the very top of your zodiac chart, and this is why it’s Latin name- Medium Coli- literally means ‘top of the sky’.

Find out what your Midheaven sign is here to learn what this means about you.

It could be one of the 12 signs, and which one it is revealing about your relationship with the public and your career.

However, you should also look into what other planets are in your 10th house.

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Someone with a Midheaven in Aries is extremely competitive and a pioneer.

They are real career go-getters and natural leaders, which makes people with this sign excellent at sports or athletics.

You don’t like to stay still, so a nine to five job probably won’t be for you.

Whatever Aries Midheavens do, they will be the first to do it.

Maybe they are inventors, creatives, chefs, or motivational speakers.

These people are really inspiring, but can be quite aggressive in the workplace!


People with Taurus in the tenth house seek beauty and money.

This sign loves luxury and stability, and they will perhaps work in the financial sector.

Taureans love clothes and being creative, so they might be drawn to the fashion industry.

You will probably own your own company or start a business producing something practical.

This placement needs to work in a place where they can bring their ideas to the table and be appreciated for them.


Gemini Midheavens are always active and sharing information.

They are very physical and chatty and would make great journalists, teachers, and authors.

You’re great at explaining things and brilliant at communicating through words.

You are likely to have multiple jobs or a side hustle that will keep you busy.


Cancer Midheavens have strong maternal instincts and are likely to be drawn to the family.

They might be stay-at-home parents or work with family members or partners.

You need to work in an environment where you are respected and cared for.

You’ll probably work around lots of women or might be looking after people in some way.

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Leo in the Midheaven is a surefire sign you are going to be famous or be in the spotlight in some way.

You have a need to stand out or entertain people, so perhaps you’ll be a performer, presenter or teacher.

You have a desire to leave a legacy and be a boss, so you might be the CEO of a huge company.

If you work below lots of people, you will feel like you aren’t living up to your full potential.

You need to use your creativity and do what makes you happy.


Virgo Midheavens are focussed on wellness and helping or healing others.

They prefer to serve rather than receive, so you might be a personal trainer, life coach, or nutritionist.

You have a talent for prioritising and purification, which could make you an amazing therapist and counsellor.

You also have psychic energy and can read people easily.

You are organised, like structure, and love to feel as if you are needed.


Libra in the Midheaven means you like to work with other people and value relationships.

You are concerned with justice and information, but you may come across as a know-it-all.

Communication and networking are really easy for you, and you’ll be able to find work wherever you go.

You could be a lawyer, in the beauty industry, an interior designer, fashion designer, or an artist.


Scorpio in the tenth house indicates someone who likes working behind the scenes.

You are very secretive and would make a brilliant journalist or detective.

You may be working as a producer, construction worker, for the Government, or banker.

You could work in the sex industry as a sex therapist or helping people deal with sexual trauma or other life issues or taboos.

This placement indicates dominance, so as long as you do what you’re passionate about you will succeed.


Sagittarius in the tenth house immediately points to travel.

You have huge visions and want to make the world a better place.

You’ll be advancing it in some way, and whatever you come up with will take you around the world.

People with Sagittarius in the MC make brilliant teachers, travellers, people in tourism, sales workers, philosophers, publishers, and writers.

Commitment may be a problem for you, but you have the knowledge inside you to do whatever you want.


Capricorn in the Midheaven is all about creation and working extremely hard.

You will do something amazing and your name will be on it.

You are likely to be a boss, a CEO, or known worldwide for your talent.

This placement is great at building relationships with important people and using what works for you.


Aquarius Midheaven, you’re about technology and innovation.

You’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or philanthropist.

This placement is forward-thinking, futuristic and very driven.

You’re probably self-employed but you need other people to build something with you.

Voluntary work or working with social justice is likely.


Pisces Midheaven people are creative, but won’t be in the spotlight.

You have huge ideas but are likely to be a ghostwriter, producer, director, or something that doesn’t involve showing your face.

Lots of people in this sign are dancers, poets, and healers.

Working with people who have addictions or poor mental health is likely, and you could help them to recover.

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