What time does Tesco open today? Opening hours and delivery advice

What time does Tesco open today? Opening hours and delivery advice

October 28, 2021

IF you're planning on going shopping at Tesco today, you'll want to know when it opens and closes.

More of an online shopper? We explain all you need to know about getting your order delivered to your door as well.

When are Tesco branches opening and closing?

Tesco has more than 3,400 stores across the UK and you can find your nearest – including store opening times – using the supermarket's store locator tool.

Some stores are also open for 24 hours a day.

For stores that aren't open 24 hours, opening times are typically 6am or 7am until 10pm or 11pm.

But as this does vary depending on your location, it's best to check with your local store for exact opening times.

Does Tesco operate any special opening hours?

At the start of the pandemic last year, Tesco introduced priority hours for elderly and vulnerable customers.

This has still been kept in place even though Covid restrictions have dramatically eased – these hours are still running on Wednesdays and Sundays from 9am to 10am. 

The special hours many not apply to all shops so check in with your local first.

Previous priority hours for NHS, emergency services and other healthcare workers introduced during the pandemic  have now been scrapped.

When is the best time to shop there?

Google has a tracker that allows you to see when the peak times are.

If you search for “Tesco” and then click on your nearest store, it will show a bar chart of when the store’s busiest times are.

What can I buy when I’m there?

The government and supermarkets have urged shoppers not to panic buy or stockpile as shortages continue.

Empty supermarket shelves have been spotted across the country this month, as eight million were unable to buy essential food items over the end of September to beginning of October.

Tesco introduced buying limits on some specific products last year so people couldn't bulk buy toilet roll, flour, pasta, or hand sanitisers.

But the supermarket told the Sun it no longer has any product limits on in-store purchases.

There is still a limit of 115 items per online order but the supermarket said it's keeping this under review.

Can I order online?

You can still order online, but you'll only be able to book one slot a week, and there is a limit of 115 items per online order.

What about priority online slots?

Hundreds of thousands of these slots will be reserved for Tesco's most vulnerable customers.

Tesco will have emailed you if you're eligible to book one.

Customers reserving these slots will be able to reserve a delivery window between 10am to 6pm, or 2pm to 10pm.

Tesco will text you on the day of your delivery to let you know when your one hour slot is within this window – so make sure your mobile number is up to date in your account.

If you're not able to go to the shops for another reason (for example if you are self-isolating), then you can call Tesco's customer engagement centre to try and get a priority slot.

Can I still use click and collect?

Yes – you can still use click and collect services.

In fact, Tesco is encouraging shoppers to use this service or shop in store instead of ordering online to free up slots for those who really need them.

Non-essential shops can welcome back customers, but shoppers have been warned to return items to stores ASAP ahead of extended returns policies ending.

And here are ten top tips to help with your Tesco shop.

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