What 60 looks like: Grandmother says facials keeps her youthful

What 60 looks like: Grandmother says facials keeps her youthful

September 27, 2020

This is what 60 looks like: Grandmother says facials, meditation and a pescatarian diet keeps her youthful

  • Sheree Davenport, 60, who lives in Essex, runs an interior design firm 
  • The grandmother maintains a youthful appearance with monthly facials 
  • She practices meditation for 15 minutes at dawn each day before a workout 

Sheree Davenport is single and lives in Essex, where she runs passionforluxury.co.uk, an interior design firm. She has a son, 39, and two grandchildren, three and five.


I feel better now than at 50, as I’ve come through the menopause. When it started, at 48, I had the sweats, sleepless nights and a fogged mind. I thought I was going crazy, until I saw my gynaecologist. I didn’t want HRT and found a natural solution, Red Clover Isoflavones by Complete Woman (£16, boots.com); the tablets contain plant extracts that mimic the effects of oestrogen. My sleep improved a lot within months. Plus, I cut down on alcohol, caffeine and sugar, which helped with hot flushes.


Each month, I get a non-invasive CACI facial (£75, thebeautybaressex.com). I also buy good-quality skincare. Last month, I bought La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 and Night Cream (£203 each, harrods.com); plus Cellular-3-Minute Peel (£200) and my skin feels radiant. I alternate these with L’Oréal versions, to save money.

Sheree Davenport, 60, (pictured) who lives in Essex, maintains her ageless appearance with monthly non-invasive facials and anti-ageing day cream


I’ve been an interior designer for 40 years. But, two years ago, an agency messaged me on Instagram, to ask if I’d ever considered modelling. Since then, I’ve been doing it part-time. I’m often told my hair is thick and long for my age. I use OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen shampoo and conditioner (£6.99 each, boots.com).


I have given up red meat and chicken and now eat only fish, which has made my skin glow. I also take supplements: Lamberts Curcumin Ultra Turmeric Extract (from £19.95, lambertshealthcare.co.uk) to help with joint pain; Solgar Formula Multivitamins (£26.99) for energy; and Solgar Calcium Magnesium Plus Zinc tablets (£7.79, both hollandand barrett.com) for healthy bones.


Each morning, I meditate for 15 minutes at dawn before a workout: yoga, Pilates, salsa, weights or body conditioning — with a virtual personal trainer at a cost of just £5 a week.

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