‘We’re too hot to find love – dating apps kick us off and men get intimidated’

‘We’re too hot to find love – dating apps kick us off and men get intimidated’

April 5, 2022

Being good looking isn’t always a blessing – as according to these models, attractiveness makes dating difficult.

The bombshells claim they’re “too hot” to land a partner – with some being accused of catfishing and others believing they “intimidate” others.

So is it better to blend in with the crowd? Read the ladies’ stories below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

App to no good

Playboy model Tahlia Paris claims Bumble removed her profile because she’s “too beautiful”.

The 24-year-old, from Los Angeles, California, has been single for four years and hoped being on the app would help her to find the one.

She said: “I was on the app for not even a few hours because pictures I tried posting to my profile were removed even though they were normal photos.

“It happened three or four times to different pictures and Bumble only allowed one of my pictures to stay up, which was really hurting my odds in the dating app world.

“The photos I posted very were basic. One was a selfie of myself, one was a picture a friend of mine had taken at the beach.

“I tried to keep it very PG and not model-esque at all. I wanted guys to not stop at my profile because I’m a professional model but because I was just another average girl looking to date."

A Bumble spokesperson commented: "In 2016, we banned shirtless bathroom mirror selfies in response to feedback from our Bumble community – and after our research showed that profiles including those kinds of photos were the most swiped left on.

"As part of that overall policy, our photo guidelines prohibit photos of people indoors wearing swimsuits or underwear.

"Swimsuit photos are acceptable if you're outside by the pool or on the beach as you're in a natural setting to be wearing a swimsuit."

Beauty fail

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier feels her looks are too intimidating for potential partners.

The 27-year-old Maxim model, from San Diego, California, has been single for six months and admits men struggle to speak to her.

She revealed: "Dating is hard — guys are scared because I'm so beautiful.

"I've been told that I'm intimidating to guys because I'm tall – I'm 5ft 10 – and I'm beautiful and I have a very intense personality.

"The men that do chat me up are usually too cocky and self-obsessed, they clearly go for every pretty girl in the room. They see us as trophies.

"I know I wear a bikini online but it's a job, most guys can't see past that."

Too hot to handle

Despite having more than 199,000 Instagram fans who regularly leave gushing comments about her looks, Cris Galêra says that her beauty doesn't always attract guys.

In fact, she even went as far as to say it often works against her, as men often think she's 'too hot' to approach.

The 33-year-old, from Brazil, complained: "Men turn away from me because they think I'm too hot, like they don't have a chance.

"But without at least one conversation it is really difficult."

Cris even wears specs in a bid to look less sexy, explaining: "I look smarter so they don't just look good or boobs or butt.

"I will have more chances with the fake glasses."

Cloned and alone

OnlyFans model Luna Benna constantly has her sexy pictures stolen and used by catfishes on dating apps.

The 21-year-old, who now lives in Florida, believes her real accounts have been removed as a result of this.

She explained: "People were stealing my photos and making money using my images. Catfishing, basically.

"It’s really disappointing when people create fake profiles after stealing my images – it’s sad for the person behind the image, and sad for the person who gets catfished.

"There’s so many fake profiles out there, whenever I start a legit account I get reported and Tinder has me taken down!

"I’ve had a lot of different looks over the years, and have been on the Internet forever, so they have lots of options to work with.

"There’s even a fake Facebook of me somewhere that someone made, it currently has thousands of followers!

"I just need to keep reminding myself I can’t do anything about it, and it’s out of my control."

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